Thursday, March 23, 2017

Fusion NET and other Fusion updates...

Tuesday March 28, 2017 at 8PM, there will be a Fusion NET on the 145.29 W2XRX repeater (Canadice, NY) in Wires-X room #21704.  The purpose will be to discuss Fusion news, equipment, Wires-X, tips, etc.  Check-ins are encouraged from all CNY/WNY Fusion stations. The WN8Z 147.39 Fusion repeater in Fulton will also have access to this NET. All you Fusion folks should check it out. The mode will be digital narrow "DN".  The NET will be hosted by K2AS; Brian.

Other local Fusion news:

-  From WN8Z; Pat - Also a very informative net (Wires-X Technical Net) is held on the MinWis room on Monday evenings @ 8:30 pm that has been carried on the 147.39 the past several weeks. Past subjects have covered the Fusion repeaters, a two part series,  the structure of the Wires-X network. firmware updates and any technical subjects brought up by users. Chris, K9EQ has worked with Yaesu's digital systems since the beta program and has met personally with the owner of Yaesu. He is by far one of the most knowledgeable  digital gurus I have met on the air. This Monday Chris will cover the FT-991. If you get a chance to listen you won't regret missing your favorite tv show. I link in every Monday to this NET.

On Saturdays the 147.39 is linked into the America Link room where the International Wires-X net is held at 9pm. Be warned - it is a lengthy net with check ins from across the globe. Last week over 170 stations checked in.

- LARC has also purchased and installed a Yaesu Wires-X system and it is now operational on the 443.300MHz repeater in Syracuse.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

AM Rally, April 1-3 ("No fooling")

Ever wonder what that “AM” button is for on your transceiver? Well, if you don’t know about full-carrier amplitude modulation (AM) or have never used it on the air, you’ll get the chance during the AM Rally, April 1-3, on the HF bands between 160 and 10 meters (except 30, 17, and 12 meters) plus 6 meters. Amateur Radio voice-mode transmissions on the HF bands into the 1960s were AM, the same mode that used to predominate in radio broadcasting. Single-sideband (SSB), a form of AM, gradually took over the phone bands, although not without some pushback!

Today, a group of dedicated radio amateurs keeps the magic flame alive, getting on AM frequently, and for many of them, AM is their primary operating mode. The AM Rally gives the uninitiated a chance to dip a toe into the pool, so to speak.

A cooperative event organized by AM, SSB, and, yes, even CW operators, the AM Rally aims to encourage fellow operators to take this “sister mode” for a spin, make a few contacts, and have a shot at earning some nice certificates.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

LARC Extra class for tonight (3/14/17) is canceled

I would appreciate any help in getting this message out.

Because of the impending poor weather, the  Liverpool Amateur Radio Club - Amateur Extra Class scheduled for tonite, March 14th will be cancelled.  We will start the class next
Tuesday, March 21st and discuss how we will arrange to cover the missed
materials.  Thank you and stay safe this evening.



Wednesday, March 8, 2017

LARC meeting on March 23rd

The March LARC Bootcamp presentation will discuss integrating Raspberry Pi into Amateur Radio.
The topic of the general meeting will be Electrical Safety.  Boot camp meets at 6:15 pm, and VE testing starts at 5:30 pm. Club Meeting follows at 7pm. 

The Liverpool Amateur Radio club meets at 700 South Bay Road in North Syracuse, New York in the North Syracuse Community Center. 

Learn More at:

Friday, March 3, 2017

We lost a good friend this week..........

The CNY Amateur Radio community lost a good friend this week. Chuck Silvia; KB2DIO, passed away on Sunday, February 26th, 2017. Our condolences go out to his family, we know how much he will be missed!

Chuck was active in many local groups and on our Upstate repeaters for many years. Most recently, you could find Chuck as a consistent check-in on many of the local NET's. He was the "king" of packet radio for many years. He also loved to mess with PC's and had become an addict (his own words; LOL!) and power user of the Internet.  Chuck loved to share his experience and interests in the latest technologies with other Hams. He mentored many a new Ham on topics from radios to repeaters, to antennas.

He was truly an expert with using commercial LMR gear on the VHF and UHF ham bands. Motorola, Kenwood, Bendix-King were all his favorites. He had the software and cables to program almost any of them. He was always willing to loan a cable or the software to get you on the air.

I have a lot of gear in the shack that I bought or traded from Chuck. He was always trying new radios and antennas and when the novelty wore off, he was ready to peddle them off and move to something else. He usually had a truck load of gear to sell and stories to tell at the local hamfests!...and Chuck always stood behind his deals and was more than fair with us all.

Chuck was also a proud Vietnam Veteran. He told me many stories of his role as a communication specialist in the Army. Chuck was very proud of his country and had strong views on keeping it strong and safe!

I hadn't talked to Chuck much since the holidays, but Saturday I dropped my call out on a local repeater and Chuck came right back to me. We had an extended QSO like we had many so many times before. I think he enjoyed these extended discussions as much as I did. When I received the sad news Monday morning, the first thing to come to mind was how blessed I was to have had that last QSO with Mr. KB2DIO. will be missed! RIP buddy!!!

73 - Tony; KC2VER

A bio Chuck shared with me through LinkedIn:
Amateur radio operator - 25+ years!
Member of Liverpool Amateur Repeater Club (past President)
Member of Yankee Air Pirates (Founder) (Radio)
Member of Dill's Landing Wireless Society (founding member)
Retired from Crucible steel
US Army 1965-1968

(Please feel free to leave your comments or memories here in memorial to our friend Chuck)

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

new CNY Rag Chew Net on 3.940 Mhz

   New HF  net on 3.940 Mhz, Monday-Saturday at 2PM EST, known as the“Central New York Rag Chew Net “ .

We welcome all hams that are licensed for the freq, our first net on the Feb. 27th drew (15) check ins. We have discussed the “possibility” that we will need to move to 40 meters as summer comes on.

The check ins so far have been mostly from here in the North East; Maine, Connecticut, Mass, NY, NJ, and Pa.


 Paul; KB2MUQ, Holland Patent, NY,

Thursday, February 23, 2017

MARS Exercise 2/25 - 2/28

MARS exercise 17-1 / 25 February 2017 - 28 February 2017

The United States Department of Defense and Department of Homeland Security with the United States Army and Air Force MARS system is holding its first exercise of the year 2017.
The scenario simulates a total loss of communication, Internet and basic resources  after an undetermined national incident.
The Military and Department of Defense is asking for Amateur stations to provide basic county information to MARS stations during the exercise. This is REAL WORLD and as such the information provided to military stations should be of actual availability of resources IF your county has no problems you will report as such. If there is an incident that effects any governmental resources such as transportation, medical, communication, or hospitals you will report what resource is affected. 

Again this is REAL WORLD information so if there is no breakdown in any services you will report all clear in the county you are reporting.

MARS stations will be on the 60meter interoperability channel 1 (5330.5) and channel 2 ( 5346.5) to collect information at various time throughout the exercise. 

As of now stations will be monitoring at 12pm and 3pm on Saturday the 25th.
12pm and 3pm on Sunday the 26th, and at 3pm and 6pm on Monday the 27th.

Also any stations who want to collect information from their surrounding counties can provide them at those times or they can be emailed to this station to be included in the report no later than Monday at 6pm EST

Thanks for all your help and for providing information..

Joseph M. Tedesco KC2DKP/AAR2JI
Western New York Section Emergency Coordinator United States Army MARS.

ARRL Western New York Section
Section Manager: Laura Mueller, N2LJM

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Fusion Net - CNY/WNY - Tuesday 2/28

Brian, K2AS here.  I'm involved with the XRX Amateur Radio Club in Webster, NY area, and W2XRX 145.29 repeater in Canadice, NY.  We have been Fusion for almost 2 years, but only a handful of semi-regulars, and a few occasional digital users.   We had a few Fusion nets a over a year ago, but they kind of fell by the wayside.  Sadly, many members get on FM rarely, and don't want to buy a new radio.

I'm trying to drum up some more activity, and was going to start monthly (for now) Fusion nets.  We have Wires-X capability with an RF link at my QTH.  So even if others can't access W2XRX, we will have the net on Wires-X.  The purpose would be to discuss Fusion news, tips, etc.  I think it would be great to expand across CNY/WNY and try to utilize Wires-X.  We don't have any other linking methods on W2XRX - no external controller.

I've contacted WN8Z, but would like to post on Upstate Ham as well.  Maybe some Fusion folks in Buffalo will see it.

This was initially just intended to be local, but decided why not spread the word.  So the date/time was something I came up with, but anything can be up for discussion.

Unless you have any comments/questions first, here is the net announcement:

Tuesday Feb. 28 at 8PM, there will be a Fusion net on the 145.29 W2XRX repeater (Canadice, NY).  The mode will be digital narrow DN.  It will be on Wires-X room #21704.  The purpose will be to discuss Fusion news, equipment, Wires-X, tips, etc.  Check-ins are encouraged from all CNY/WNY Fusion stations.  Initially we would follow-on with a net every 4th Tuesday of the month.  More frequent nets could be added if enough interest.

Thanks and 73,
-- Brian

Thursday, February 16, 2017

LARC February Bootcamp - Thurs. 2/23

The February LARC Boot camp features a program on WSPR. Boot camp meets at 6:15 pm, and VE testing starts at 5:30 pm. Club Meeting follows at 7pm. 

We meet at 700 South Bay Road in North Syracuse, New York in the North Syracuse Community Center. 

Learn More at:

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

SwapFest - Saratoga County - March 11th, 2017

It's almost time for the annual SwapFest hosted by Saratoga County Amateur Radio Association on March 11, 2017. The event is held at the Cooperative Extension Building (aka Solar Bldg), 50 West High Street (Rt 67w) in Ballston Spa, 12020.

Doors open at 8 am. Free admission.

We've held this event for many years, and after a long winter stuck in the hamshack, many hams see this as their first chance to get out of the house and have some radio fun. We always have a good crowd, and there's plenty of used gear to look over.

There will also be a VE test session for new licensees and upgrades at Noon in the same facility. Contact Jim, KG2H, ( for further details on the testing.

See you there!
Peter Miller - W2BEW

Hope to see you there. :)

This is a good time to join the Saratoga Club, or renew your dues too. :)

73 K2HAT Lee Hatfield Jr

Sunday, February 5, 2017

WiresX Fusion digital now on the 147.39 WN8Z repeater full time

WiresX has arrived! If you are in range of the 147.390 WN8Z repeater in Fulton, NY and have a Yaesu Fusion digital radio tune in & join the fun.

The Wn8z/r went fully c4fm and is now connected to the WiresX network. You can hear and talk to hams from around the world. The system is connected to the Americas Link "room". Stop in and help Hat, a frequent user from Okinawa, Japan perfect his english, or talk to the many ht and mobile users from Great Britan, Scotland, Ireland, Australia, or to someone just down the road.

I've heard several local users check in already since being connected. The basic entry point radio is the FTM-3200 2 meter, single band, mobile radio going for under $150.00. Two dual band ht's and two dual band mobiles and a Hf/Vhf/Uhf radio round out the Yaesu line equipped with their brand of digital.

Think of the WiresX network as Echolink on steroids. You will hear not only digital users, but analog too. How so? Let's think about Yaesu's Fusion name for a minute. All of the products are capable of both analog or c4fm digital. This includes the repeaters also. No one is left out - both users can use a Fusion repeater, and if users have correctly configured their radio in the automatic mode selection (AMS) the Fusion radio immediately switches to analog and the conversation continuous.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Onondaga County ARES/RACES meeting - 2/21/17

The next ARES/RACES live meeting will be Tuesday 2/21/17 at the Liverpool Fire Dept. at 1110 Oswego Road. We will begin at 18:00 hours (6PM).

Please park out back behind the firehouse. The meeting will cover several topics including a review of some recent outages and meetings with local served agencies. The meeting will end with break-out sessions focused on FlDigi and NBEMS training. This meeting is open to all interested amateur operators.

If you have one, please bring a laptop, phone or iPad loaded with FlDigi. The break-out sessions will accommodate varying levels of knowledge so don't be afraid to jump in.  
We look forward to seeing you at the meeting.

Richard Kilmartin
RACES RO, Onondaga County

Thursday, January 26, 2017

LARC supporting CNY area repeaters

Jack Smith (W2QYT), Tony Hart (KC2VER) and Kevin Tubbs (KD2SL) are pleased to announce that we have reached an agreement with the Liverpool Amateur Repeater Club (a.k.a. LARC, W2CM), for LARC to become our sponsor for the following repeaters located on Sentinel Heights, between Syracuse and LaFayette:

  • 442.40 MHz (W2QYT), part of the statewide UHF system
  • 145.15 MHz (KD2SL), part of the Central New York linked 2m system
  • 53.67/29.64 MHz (KD2SL)
  • 146.67/444.00 MHz analog (KD2SL) and 145.31 MHz Fusion digital (KC2VER) linked system
  • 224.12 MHz (KD2SL)

These repeaters are located on transmitting towers owned by one of the nation’s largest broadcasting companies.  Many broadcasters do not allow amateur repeaters on their towers; thankfully this company takes a very friendly position toward amateur operation, and allows our repeaters on their towers at essentially no cost for tower space, inside equipment space and electricity.

However, the company has recently implemented new guidelines for amateur repeaters that requires them to be sponsored by a 501(c)(3) organization, rather than private individuals.  

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

SAVE THE DATE - CNY Ham Radio Breakfast on Saturday February18th

Thanks to K2WOP; Curt, has set a winter date to get a breakfast scheduled and the event is open to ALL local Hams. It will be Saturday, February 18th, 2017 at 8:30 am. This is a great chance to meet up with some of the folks you talk to on the air, but possibly have never met in person. Come on all you drive time radio jockeys, "6M QCWA Netters", CNY SWAP and Hobby Net check-ins - we hope to see you all there.

Location: The "Finally Ours Diner" is at 3788 West Seneca Turnpike, at the corner with Cedarville Rd. in the Onondaga Hill area of Syracuse (see directions here: ).

Questions? contact Curt; K2WOP on the 146.67 repeater.

Finally Ours Diner link: