Sunday, July 20, 2014

ROC City Net picnic

The 1st annual ROC City Net Picnic will be September 20th at Mendon Ponds Park, south of Rochester, N.Y. Mendon Ponds is a beautiful Monroe County Park located just west of Victor. 

Joe, K2QZR reports that the event is in the early planning stages and hopes all the folks that check-in to either the 75M or 2M nets will try to attend. The guys are also planning to have a portable station running with a variety of different rigs.

Stay tuned here for more details as they become available.

.......and if you haven't stopped by yet, try the NET on either Sunday or Wednesday!

ROC City 2M net on the 145.110 repeater in Rochester - Sunday at 7:30pm - same great group!

ROC City HF net on 3.826 Mhz - Wednesday at 8pm - great group and interesting topics!

73 - Tony

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Repeater updates

Folks a couple of new or back on the air repeaters that you may want to try out:

145.150 -  Pl 103.5, Lafayette, KD2SL
146.640 -  Pl 131.8, Clay, Bear Bait Radio Club, WA2DAD
444.250+  Pl 131.8, Clay, Bear Bait Radio Club, WA2DAD

If we get any more details on their equipment or future plans, we will post them here.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Monitoring Aircraft frequencies

Monitoring air traffic can be pretty interesting. The Air bands are available on many radios today. You will find its not just scanners but many Amateur radio transceivers have these bands available as well. You can monitor commercial airliners, private aircraft, as well as military aircraft. The closer you are to major commercial airport, the better your chances are. You can also listen to private aircraft around CNY on their UNICOM frequency of 122.800 MHz (AM). You can also see live aircraft tracking info on-line at . It is pretty cool to listen and watch the movements from on-line radar tracking.

Some basic guidance for Aircraft Monitoring

One-Sided Conversations:  Because aircraft fly high above the ground, their transmissions have much more range than the ground stations with whom they're talking. This means that only the airborne side of most conversations will be heard. Is this a problem? You miss very little in these conversations because pilots are required to repeat back to controllers any instructions or frequencies that they are given. In fact, hearing only the aircraft has tremendous advantages. It helps the listener to avoid mix ups among simulcast ground stations, and is a terrific help in isolating military aircraft from other traffic.
Frequency Bands Used:  Although the air band is 108-137 MHz, almost all civilian voice communications are above 118 MHz. In addition, the military has 138-150 MHz and 225-400 MHz. (remember AM)
Sources of Information:  The best place for you to get information is the same place where the pilots go. Web sites like, and give you frequencies and all kinds of other airport information.Other resources that will get you up to speed quickly:

Link to - Syracuse Hancock listing:
Link to a great overview of Air Traffic frequencies on Radio
Link to Military Communications web page:

…and if you don’t have a radio that is capable of receiving these frequencies there is always the Internet! 
….…start here:

Syracuse Airport frequencies (from
ATIS Frequencies (repeating weather and airport notices):
Tower Frequencies:  
Ground Operations Frequencies:
Clearance Delivery Frequencies:
Emergency Frequencies:
SYRACUSE Primary Approach Frequencies:  

Thanks to the following sources of reference information: N4JRI's Scanner Pages, Radio, and the various flight planning web sites.

Friday, June 20, 2014

VE exam in Syracuse (Liverpool)

Amateur Radio VE Exams are being held on Saturday July 19, 2014 at noon, at the Liverpool Library, 210 Tulip Street, Liverpool N.Y. for licensed Ham Radio operators preparing to upgrade or  those working to obtain their new Ham ticket.

Registration: Sargent Room 12-1 p.m.  
You will need two forms of ID, one w/your picture, and $14 fee which is set by W5YI-VEC  cash or M.O.
Walk-ins are allowed. 

*Important Note for applicants preparing for your Technician Exam: The Technician Question Pool changes July 1,  2014.  When preparing for your Tech exam be sure you are referring to the correct "new" Question Pool.

Questions? -contact the Syracuse VE Team :

Thank you. 

Viv, WA2PUU - Syracuse VE Team Contact 

The Syracuse VE Team conducts exams every quarter. Contact them at the e-mail address above if you have any questions.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Field Day Activities

Field Day is coming soon........June 28th and 29th, 2014

If you want to meet some friendly hams or experience some different operating modes, why don't you stop by one of the many Field Day events taking place in our area. You will see various antenna and radio setups along with operators trying to share their knowledge and score some points making contacts through out the weekend. Its a lot of fun - so we hope to see you out there on field day!

What is Field Day?
Field Day is part educational event, part operating event, part public relations event – and ALL about FUN!

Check out one of the following groups:

Central New York Contesters
Operating as KD2ETT.
Erie Canal Park, 5750 Devoe Road, Town of Camillus.
Class 4A with SSB, CW and Digital modes.
Setup begins 8am Saturday.

Fulton Amateur Radio Club
Operating as W2CXV.
With Oswego County RACES, operating from the Oswego County EOC Building in Fulton.

Liverpool Amateur Repeater Club (LARC)
Operating as W2CM.
William Park, 7033 Lakeshore Road, Cicero, southern shore of Oneida Lake.
Class 4A with SSB, CW, and Digital modes plus a dedicated 6M station.
Setup begins ~8am on Saturday, food service begins at noon on Saturday.
Website or

Madison-Oneida Amateur Radio Club (MOARC)
Operating as W2MO.
Oxbow Falls Park, 6919 Oxbow Road, Town of Lincoln.

Radio Amateurs of Greater Syracuse (RAGS)
Operating as W2AE.
Camillus Ski Club, next to 401 Blackmore Road, Town of Camillus.
Class 4A with SSB, CW, and Digital modes.
Setup begins ~8am on Saturday, food service begins at noon on Saturday.

The Rochester DX Association (RDXA)
Operating as ?
Webster Park, Webster NY.
Running SSB, CW, VHF and GOTA stations.
Setup begins Saturday AM.

Rome Radio Club
Operating as W2OFQ.
Griffiss Institute, 725 Daedalian Drive, Rome, NY 13441.
Class 3A with SSB, CW and GOTA stations.
Setup begins ~9am on Saturday.

Skyline Amateur Radio Club (SARC)
Operating as K2IWR.
4-H Camp Owahta, Syrian Hill Rd in Solon NY.
Likely Class 3A, GOTA station uncertain.
Setup begins 6pm on Friday, Picnic before 2pm on Saturday, all invited.

Squaw Island & Drumlins Radio Club
Amateur Radio Clubs
Field Day Announcement
Farmington Fire Department
1225 Hook Road, Farmington, NY 14425
(Hook Road at Route 96)
Everyone is invited to stop by and learn about amateur radio; maybe even pick up a microphone and talk on the radio. Hams love to talk about what they do.
Setup: 11AM – 2PM Saturday
Operation: 2PM Saturday afternoon & night until noon Sunday.
Takedown: Noon Sunday till ??
Three Ham radio stations will be setup in a large tent next to fire house.
Power will be supplied by generator to meet requirement for “class A” operation.
Fire hall restrooms will be available for over night and Sunday use.
Phone 315-727-7144 or 315-986-8589 for details

Monday, June 2, 2014

Balloon Chase

Many of you may have heard the repeater activity last Thursday 5/29 as a group of students, educators and Hams from Central & Western NY chased three hot air balloons over the Fingerlakes. This was a project of the Cazenovia High School Technology Class and Pittsford-Mendon High School . The balloons were equipped with Amateur radio APRS transmitters to allow tracking and recovery. One of the balloons traveled to an altitude over 100,000 feet! All three balloons were eventually recovered. Great job guys!

We will try to get some more detailed information to post here from the team, but for now take a look at some amazing video recorded by one of the balloons.

Here is a you tube link to some video from one of the balloons:

Monday, May 26, 2014

MOST needs Ham Volunteers!

 The Milton J. Rubenstein Museum of Science and Technology (often referred to as the MOST) is a museum located in the Armory Square neighborhood of Downtown Syracuse, New York. The museum includes multiple exhibits, a gift shop and a domed IMAX movie theatre. It is located in the former Syracuse Armory.

The Most is in need of Volunteers to man the Amateur Radio station. It is open from Wednesday thru Sunday 10AM-5PM. Please have anyone interested contact N2OMK, Bob at: (315) 487-2650 or Andy Slaugh - KB2LUV at:

The Amateur Station consists of a Kenwood TS-870S as the main HF rig, a all mode 2M/70cm, another 2 meter mobile, and an Ten-Tec SDR receiver. We have several computers, a mock up Telegraph system, and many handouts and old rigs for viewing. Antennas consist of a 20/40 meter trap vertical, a 40 (tunes most 40-10) meter Inverted V, and an 80 meter dipole. The 2 meter mobile has a 3 element yagi, and the all mode is on a egg beater. the SDR is on a discone. We have great plans for the future of the station, but we need volunteers to make it happen.

Interested persons MUST be trained on the proper use of the equipment. They can not just come in and operate without being certified as a Volunteer of the MoST.

For more info on the museum and the station, see:

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Skyline Amateur Radio Club Cortland Hamfest

Skyline Amateur Radio Club Cortland Hamfest & Technology Fair
Saturday, June 14, From 7:00 AM to 1:00 PM
at the Cortland County Fairgrounds - Our 32nd year!

Talk-in on the 147.780/180 K2IWR repeater {PL 71.9} or e-mail

Admission: $5.00 per person (12 and under free)
- Outdoor flea market included with admission -

Indoor Flea Market - $5.00 per 10’ plus admission
- Indoor flea market is first come, first served -
Dealer tables - $10.00 ea, plus admission—8’ space, includes electricity

Travel directions {signs will be posted}: I-81 to exit 12; turn left on to Route
281 South. Turn left again on to Fisher Ave, (8/10 mile) then right on to
Fairgrounds Drive.

From Ithaca: Route 13 North to Route 281 North. Turn right onto Fisher Ave,
then right on to Fairgrounds Drive.

For your GPS: 4849 Fairgrounds Dr. Cortland, NY 13045

VE tests start at 9:00AM—no late entry allowed.
Walk-ins welcome, although pre-registration is
appreciated. Please e-mail;
indicate which test you wish to take

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Advanced SKYWARN Class for Hams

There will be an Advanced SKYWARN Class for Amateur Radio Operators in North Syracuse. This course is for those individuals who have previously taken the Basic SKYWARN class.

Binghamton National Weather Bureau meteorologist Dave Morford will provide the training Saturday,  May 31, noon to 2:30 p.m. at the North Syracuse Community Center, 700 South Bay Road, North Syracuse, NY. You must pre-register for this class. 

Any Questions should be directed to David, W2DER:

or see the full CNY Skywarn training schedule and register at: