Wednesday, August 9, 2017

LARC - General Level Training Class - start 9/26/17

Liverpool Amateur Repeater Club will present a General Level Training Class, taking place at North Syracuse Education Association 210 North Main St. North Syracuse, NY starting on September 26 2017.

Details include $15 fee at time of the first session for the exam, purchasing the textbook from ARRL, and preregistration through the website –

Complete Schedule below.

Contact Information:

Liverpool Amateur Repeater Club, Inc.
Pete Sochocki - Email: 

Monday, August 7, 2017

Thursday, August 3, 2017


from August RARA Rag; by David Timmons, W2DST

Once again the Rochester Amateur Radio Association (RARA) will operate station K2R from the grounds of the Charlotte Genesee Lighthouse (Lake Ave. near Latta Rd.) for the 2017 International Lighthouse Lightship Weekend.

This annual Amateur Radio weekend event was founded in 1995 by 2 members of the AYR Amateur Radio Group, AARG, Scotland and held on the 3rd full weekend in August. This is not a contest, it is simply a fun event for all experience levels to highlight lighthouses and lightships around the world. It is also a great way to promote amateur radio to the public. This year’s 48 hour event starts at 0001 UTC on Aug. 19. We will be generally operating during the hours the lighthouse is open, 1 - 5PM local time on August 19 & 20. Operating time will be extended depending on how many volunteer operators can join us. Go to for event details and a list of registered lighthouse stations. If you would like to join us, stop down. Contact Dave Timmons, W2DST, if you would like to help. W2DST@ARRL.NET

Monday, July 24, 2017

220 Mhz repeater update

Activity continues to grow with local repeater activity on 220 Mhz. New repeaters are popping up all over CNY and the Fingerlakes region. There are several new ones being planned for Auburn and Ithaca, which makes 220 mhz a viable option for many Upstate NY hams. There are also quite a number of 220 Mhz repeaters in both Rochester and Buffalo. Here is a summary of the CNY 220 mhz repeaters that I am aware are presently active. If you can confirm others, please send me an e-mail (

223.980 (-) PL = 100, Elmira, NR2P
224.120 (-) PL = 103.5, Syracuse (Sentinel Heights) KD2SL
224.220 (-) PL = 71.9, Auburn, coming this fall 2017  
224.260 (-) PL = 110.9, Stanley (Fingerlakes), W2ACC
224.160 (-) PL = 141.3, Whethersfield (Attica) WA2CAM
224.470 (-) PL = 82.5, Clyde, WA2NDW
224.700 (-) PL = 88.5, Orangeville (Attica/Buffalo) K2XZ (very nice signal in the Fingerlakes)
224.580 (-) PL = 110.9, Rochester; N2HJD
224.660 (-) No PL, Utica (Deerfield), WA2CAV
224.900 (-) PL=110.9, Newark,  Drumlins club has built a new repeater (8/2/17)

You may also hear some folks chatting on Simplex at 223.400 or 223.500 Mhz.
(see the ARRL band plan for more details at: )

Some newer multi-band HT's have the 220 mhz capability, but a fairly inexpensive radio that I purchased is the TYT-9000, 220 mhz single band mobile. It comes with the programming software and a DTMF microphone.You can find them online in the $135-150 range. Several Syracuse friends suggested this model to me and I have no regrets.

Interesting link to some 220 info:

The KD2SL 224.120 Repeater in Syracuse hosts Friday night 220 Net starting at 7pm. This is a general net, open to various discussion topics. KD2KKG; Bob is the host.

So tune in to 224.120 Mhz (-) PL = 103.5, this Friday and join the fun!

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Save the date - Fall Ham Breakfast on 11/18/17

Thanks to K2WOP; Curt, has set a fall tentative date to get a breakfast scheduled and the event is open to ALL local Hams. It will be Saturday, November 18th, 2017 at 8:30 am. This is a great chance to meet up with some of the folks you talk to on the air, but possibly have never met in person. Come on all you drive time radio jockeys, "6M QCWA Netters", CNY SWAP and Hobby Net check-ins - we hope to see you all there.

Location: The "Finally Ours Diner" is at 3788 West Seneca Turnpike, at the corner with Cedarville Rd. in the Onondaga Hill area of Syracuse (see directions here: ).

Questions? contact Curt; K2WOP on the 146.67 repeater.

Finally Ours Diner link: 

Monday, July 17, 2017

RADIOCOM 2017 - Utica 7/23/17


Thursday, July 13, 2017

AWA - Youth Radio Fab Lab class

I thought you and your readers might be interested in a new youth program at the AWA Museum.  It's called Radio Fab Lab and it's a series of hands-on workshops for children ages 10-19.  In addition to learning-while-building, Boy Scouts in attendance will also earn their radio merit badge.  It's really shaping up to be a lot of fun for the well as the instructors!

Attached please find a Radio Fab Lab Flyer and registration form.  Please circulate it.  This should prove to be a great gift idea for the children and grandchildren of local hams and Scouts.  The children will build electronics hardware at the Museum over a 12-week period, under the direction of experts, and then take the circuits home with them for further study.

Thanks!  73, Dean, NW2K

Monday, July 10, 2017

DOD Contingency Communications Exercise; COMEX 17-3

The third quarterly national DOD contingency communications exercise COMEX 17-3 will take place July 23-27, 2017. One component of these exercises is using Amateur Radio to collect information about critical infrastructure and facilities  (power, transportation, communication, sanitation, medical, etc) in every county in the US. MARS stations will be active on the ham bands (using their Amateur call signs except on 60 Meters where they will use their MARS call signs) soliciting information. 

Please make an effort to contact one or more MARS operators dring this COMEX.  Contacts are not limited to ARES/RACES members. MARS operators are looking for contact with any ham radio operator. However this would be an execllent opportunity to set up a local ARES net as would be active in a large scale emergency or disaster situation.

Please note that while you you can make up any scenario and report simulated conditions for your local exercise, MARS operators will be collecting actual condition reports.  So unless there is actually a power outage, flooded roads, etc. you would report that all is well for the purposes of the national COMEX.

I intend to be available on the New York State Phone Traffic Emergency Net at 6 PM on 3925 at least a couple of times during the exercise period, and possibly other times and frequencies. If you would like to set up a specific time/frequency please contact me by email reply. Please check the web site and/or the Facebook page  (  and group ( ) for updated schedule info. There are other MARS stations in and around NNY who will be on HF or local repeaters.

Pete Newell KC2WI
ARES Section Emergency Coordinator, Northern New York
Coordinator, Lewis County Emergency Coordinators Group
ARES EC / RACES RO, Lewis County

MARS - Military Auxiliary Radio System LMSC NNY - AFA2CQ

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Batavia Hamfest - Sat. 7/15

Batavia Hamfest  –  Saturday July  15,   2017

Alexander  Firemen Grounds   – 10708 Alexander Rd.Route 98,
One mile south of Rt 20, Alexander NY   14005

Outdoor  Flea Market –  FREE Tailgating    6:00am – till
Buy/Sell   Ham radio gear

Overnight Camping Allowed- Arrive after 6PM on Friday ( the night before hamfest) .

Only $7.00   admission includes free tailgating and free indoor spaces

VE  Exam 8:00 AM   To  Pre register for test –
contact John Maxwell  or Call  716–404-9256

Talk In: 147.285  PL 141.3    Batavia repeater

More at:

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Amateur Radio operators needed this Sunday

RAGS Public Service is in serious need of additional operators for this coming Sunday's (6/18/17) Ironman 70.3 Event in Syracuse. It is held on a large course so the coverage required is challenging, yet fun.

Please contact Amir Findling at: or Walt Bordett at:  if you can help!

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Salt City DX Assoc. - Field Day at Onondaga Lake Park

The Salt City DX Association is doing Field Day again this year at Onondaga Lake Park.  2A class, with a GOTA station W2AXR.  The dates are Saturday 6/24 from 2PM to Sunday 6/25 at 2PM.

We will have our normal HF stations, 2 X TS590s, 3 element tribander and dipoles.  Last year we came in 11th in the 2A category with 2200 QSOs.

I am happy to announce that this year we will make a big VHF effort!!!  We would love to contact as many local VHF guys as possible.

more info at:

Our planned activity:

We will be on 2 meters with a 14 element Yagi and 150 watts, calling CQ on 144.200 SSB ( with a voice keyer so we don’t lose our voice).  We can also make FM contacts on 2 mtrs.

We will be on for all of the satellite passes, the XW2 birds look good.

We will be on 6 meters calling CQ on 50.125 - 3 element beam and 100 watts

We also have 432 mhz – if anyone wants to try.  5 elements and 50 watts.

And- we are also going to try EME !  We can phase two 14 element Yagis together and run 150 watts. It will be tough to make a QSO, but if some of the big gun European EME guys are on, it should be possible.  I have a lot of EME experience, so we are hopeful !

Thanks !

John K2ZJ