Some Upstate NY NETS:

- 7:30am Daily - Rooster Roster on 147.135 MHz Fine repeater (near Watertown)
- 8am - M-F, The "First Cup Net' on 145.210 PL 71.9, in Rome NY
- 2pm -M-Sat, HF Net - "CNY Rag Chew Net"  on 3.940 Mhz
- 7pm -M-F, The "After Dinner Net" Every M-F @ 1900 on 145.210 in Rome
- 9pm - Pathfinder Net every weeknight at 2100 on 147.15 MHz Fulton repeater
- 9pm - CNY Traffic Net every weeknight at 2100 on 147.300 and 147.00 repeaters
- 9pm Black River Valley Service Net on the Boonville Amateur Radio Club Repeater, 146.655 MHz .

- 7pm - CNY Hobby Information Net on the 146.670 repeater in Syracuse, also linked to the KD2SL 53.67 in Syracuse
- 7pm - Fort Herkimer - ARES/RACES/traffic/training net. on the 145.110, alternate checkins can be made on the 147.090 repeater.
- 7pm - AWA Antique Wireless Association Net on the 145.110 repeater in Rochester
- 8pm - Monday Night Ham News on 146.67 KD2SL Syracuse (temp off the air? 2/6/17)
- 9pm - Rochester VHF Net on 144.26 (USB) simplex

- 7pm (note the new time 3/7/15) - QCWA 6 Meter net on 53.05 repeater in Auburn, also linked to the KD2SL 53.67 in Syracuse (check out 50.400 mhz AM and 50.137 mhz SSB after the NET for more 6 meter fun!)
- 7pm (first Tuesday each month) Radio Wave Net on the 146.655 Repeater in S. Bristol, New York. Link: 
- 8pm (fourth Tuesday each month) Fusion Net on the 145.29 W2XRX repeater  (Canadice, NY), XRX Amateur Radio Club is the sponsor. The mode will be digital narrow DN.  It will be on Wires-X room #21704. The 147.39 Wn8Z repeater in Fulton will also carry this NET.The purpose will be to discuss Fusion news, equipment, Wires-X, tips, etc.  Check-ins are encouraged from all CNY/WNY Fusion stations.  

-7pm -CNY Swap Net 147.00 Auburn, linked repeaters system, link:
- 7:30 pm -CARES net,  W2RME Repeater - Norwich NY, 146.085/146.685 pl 110.9
- 8pm - ROC City HF net on 3.826 Mhz at 8pm - great group and interesting topics!

7:00pm Third Thursday of each month  - Utica ARA 6M net on 50.50 simplex, mode?
- 8pm  The Monday Night Ham News is repeated on 147.39 WN8Z repeater in Fulton
- 8:00pm (1st and 4th Thursday of the month)– XARC Club Net on 145.290 (W2XRX) Repeater in Canadice. PL Tone 110.9
- 9pm - Rochester VHF Net on 50.200

- 7pm - 220 Mhz Net on the 224.120 (PL = 103.5) repeater in Syracuse (NEW as of 4/22/16),

- 9:00am NNY hams on the Carrier Net on 3.935 Mhz
- 7:30pm -9:00pm, Slow-Scan TV NET 146.67 KD2SL repeater - Syracuse(updated 2/6/17)

- 8:30am The North Country Group on 3.958 Mhz (Northern NY State)
- 9:00 am New York State RACES HF SSB Net on3993.5 kHz, LSB
- 7:00pm - RAGS (Syracuse) HF net on 3.918 or 3.919 Mhz
- 7:30pm - ROC City 2M net on the 145.110 repeater in Rochester - 7:30pm - great group!
- 8:00pm - TCARA (Ithaca) Swap net on 146.970 and the 147.000 linked repeaters
- ~8:30pm The Radio Wave Net on 146.655 repeater in Rochester (immediately following the Roc City Net on 145.1110)

.....links to a couple nice DX NET lists:

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  1. CNYARA repeater in Sauquoit is off the air...KD2LHN member, working on a new tower and location 9-011-2016