Monday, March 4, 2024

WNY Ham radio support for 4/8 Solar Eclipse

To:   All WNY Ham Radio Clubs

From:  Vince Harzewski N2JRS, Emergency Coordinator, Erie County ARES/Assistant Radio Officer, Erie County RACES
Re: April 8, 2024 Total Solar Eclipse

The Erie County Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Services
has requested the assistance of amateur radio operators in conjunction
with the total solar eclipse on April 8.
Amateurs will be asked to provide critical information on the day of the
All Amateurs from any county are invited to participate.
Hams working with Emergency Services will establish communications in
the Emergency Operations center in Cheektowaga NY and will take reports
from amateurs on location, traffic, weather and amount of people
gathering during the key times of the eclipse on the 8th.
They will also establish cross border communications with Canadian
amateurs to test viability of passing traffic across the pond.
Hams in the EOC will establish communications with the state EOC with HF
voice and WINLINK connectivity.
Amateurs from Erie County ARES/RACES will be positioned at certain areas
of interest in the county that are deemed possible points where traffic
leading up to and at the end of the eclipse might become a problem if an
emergency arises and will provide reports to the EOC throughout the
duration of the event.
Amateurs in Erie County will also establish 2 quick deployment teams and
station them in the north and south in the county should the need arise
to setup and operate until other county resources can assist and Erie
County RACES will provide an operator to Buffalo Fire in their
respective EOC for a link back to the county EOC and to test the
viability of using us as a backup to inter EOC communications.
At this time the frequencies we will be using will include.
WB2ECR intra Erie county communications
146.865 & 443.525Mhz linked repeaters both are positive offset and PL of
K2XZ surrounding counties communications
145.390 negative offset no PL
and we will be trying some HF from the EOC to include
60 Meters 5346.5 MHz
20 meters 14.340 MHz
10 Meters 28.400 MHz
 Any amateurs interested in participating in this exercise should make
their intentions known by any of the following methods:
By checkin in to the WNY Emergency Net on Sunday at 7PM local on the
146.865/443.525 WB2ECR repeaters and responding when volunteers are
By email to Joe Tedesco, Erie County RACES radio officer:
Thank you for helping us spread the word on this opportunity.
Vince N2JRS
ARRL Western New York Section
Section Manager: Laura Mueller, N2LJM

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