Saturday, June 22, 2024

Send us your Field Day photo's and stories!

 Its Field Day 2024!

Hope you get out and visit a club or group activity. Or just sit in your air conditioned shack and make a few contacts!

After its all done please consider sending us some pictures and maybe even a story or two about this year or past memories. We'll try to publish them all on UpstateHam!

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Monday, June 3, 2024

Commemoration - 80 years of D-DAY

 Plusscouts will be operating a special event station June 2nd-9th at the D-Day Museum at Omaha Beach to commemorate the 80th anniversary of Allied Forces landing at Normandy on D-Day. The event callsign will be TM80DDAY

Scheduled operating frequencies should include:

1.882 MHz LSB

3.682 MHz LSB

7.182 MHz LSB

14.182 MHz USB

21.182 MHz USB

28.482 MHz USB

DMR TalkGroup 907 - JOTA

More info at: