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EchoLink can be used through your radio(RF), personal computer, tablet or smart phone. Learn more below:

Some Upstate NY repeaters with EchoLink:

WA2NAN-R, Adirondacks-Fine, 147.135,  node #823942
N2TY-R, Albany(Troy), 145.17, node# 1774
W2QYT-R, Auburn, 147.00, node # 9188 
N2AAR-R, Bath (Southern Tier), 145.19, node # 578244
KD2AIT-R, Boonville, 146.655, node #796920
W2SO-R, Buffalo (Lancaster), 147.255, node #754795
WR2AHL-R, Bristol (Roch), 145.110, node #561744
KA2NDW-R, Clyde, 145.47, node # 375249
KB2FAF-R, Cortland, 442.850, node # 171371
KB2FAF-R, Cortland (Solon), 147.030, node # (temp echolink issues)
NA2TC-R, Elmira,  444.200 node # 668158
WN8Z-R, Fulton, 147.39, node # 7390 (coming soon to the 444.350)
N2FSD-R, Ithaca, 146.940, node # 577796
W2RHM-R, Lowville, 146.955, node # 427886
WA2AAZ-R, Newark, 146.745, node # 440738
K2RRA-R, Rochester, 146.88, node #217959
WB2KAO-R, Rochester, 444.850, node #78007
W2KOFQ-R, Rome, 146.88, node #743610
KD2SL-R, Syracuse, 146,67, node #9177
KD2SL, Syracuse, 53.67, node #99177 or N2DOW-L
KD2SL, Syracuse, 224.12  node 324784 or N2DOW-R 
WW2N-R, (Syracuse)Pompey, 145.27, node #64224
AC2GE-R, Thousand Islands, Watertown/Dexter NY, 147.030, node #634618
N2STC-R, Utica-Rome, 147.24, node # 227963 
KD2AJH-R, Wellsville, 147.21, node #70625

Comings soon to other area repeaters...........stay tuned!

RepeaterBook NY list:

- a couple of reminders......If you are logging in "from" or "into" a repeater system (conference mode) ; please be sure that when you are done with your QSO or listening, disconnect your Echolink connection. Depending on the system this may be a "#", " ##" or "73" DTMF tone. This prevents unnecessarily tying up a potentially large group of repeaters. Also, don't forget to leave some delay between transmissions to allow for proper sequencing between the controller and repeater connections.

EchoLink is a computer-based Amateur Radio system distributed free of charge that allows radio amateurs to communicate with other amateur radio operators using Voice over IP (VoIP) technology on the Internet for at least part of the path between them. It was designed by Jonathan Taylor, a radio amateur with callsign K1RFD.
The system allows reliable worldwide connections to be made between radio amateurs, greatly enhancing Amateur Radio's communications capabilities. In essence it is the same as other VoIP applications (such as Skype), but with the unique addition of the ability to link to an amateur radio station's transceiver. Thus any low-power handheld amateur radio transceiver which can contact a local Echolink node (A node is an active Echolink station with a transceiver attached) can then use the Internet connection of that station to send their transmission via VOIP to any other active Echolink node, world-wide. No special hardware or software is required to relay a transmission via an Echolink node.
Before using the system it is necessary for a prospective user's callsign to be validated. The EchoLink system requires that each new user provide positive proof of license and identity before his or her callsign is added to the list of validated users. There is no cost for this service, and it ensures that this system is used only by licensed amateur radio operators.
The software is written to run on 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Microsoft Windows. Another edition of the software runs on Apple mobile devices (iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad), and is available from the Apple App Store. An Android version is available on Google Play and several other Android app repositories.
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To get started, head over to the EchoLink web page and follow the instructions to register. 

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