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10 Meter stuff

CNY 10 Meters:

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Syracuse’s First 10 Meter Repeater

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Another brief update:

Today, on a hunch, I connected the 10m receiver to the same antenna used for the 6m repeater. Amazingly, it actually works! So, we have a 10m repeater in Syracuse!

Feel free to give it a try, and let me know if you can get in. Also, whether or not you can get in, let me know what antenna, how much power, and where you are.

Remember, the 10m and 6m repeaters are permanently linked (crossband repeat), and you must have PL tone on transmit for either side. Program your radio carefully:

10m Repeater – Output: 29.64 MHz, PL 94.8 – Input: 29.54 MHz, PL 94.8
6m Repeater – Output: 53.67 MHz, PL 103.5 – Input: 52.67 MHz, PL 103.5

If your radio supports it, you can activate tone squelch on receive to keep the squelch from opening on noise.

Join us each Wednesday at 7:00 pm for the LARC Swap and Information net, now a tri-band net!

73 – KD2SL
10M Repeater in Rochester?
Output 29.620, Input 29.520 (no PL) WR2AHL - Avon NY (Rochester)
I was told that W2HYP is working on bringing this repeater on the air in early 2013. Stay tuned!

 USA 10 Meter repeater list:
Great 10 Meter information:

The National 10 Meter FM Simplex Frequency:  29.600 MHz.

 10 METER FM REPEATER OUTPUT FREQUENCIES ARE FROM 29.610 MHz. to 29.690 MHz.   (offset = - 0.100MHz):

 29.610 MHz. 29.620 MHz. 29.630 MHz. 29.640 MHz. 29.640 MHz. 29.650 MHz. 29.660 MHz. 29.670 MHz. 29.680 MHz. 29.690 MHz.

 It is helpful to have an HF radio with dual VFO's or one that the "split" can be programmed into. An example of working a typical 10 Meter FM Repeater "split" is as follows: Repeater Output Frequency= 29.680 MHz. Repeater Input Frequency= 29.580 MHz.

 Be aware that some 10 Meter FM Repeaters may require a PL tone that needs to be inserted to bring them up just like many 2-meter and 440 Repeaters. Listen for band openings and good luck on working the DX!

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