Tuesday, April 30, 2013

CNY - Liverpool Amateur Repeater Club (LARC)

The Liverpool Amateur Repeater Club operates four repeaters in the Syracuse area. Their two sites are located 1,600' above sea level and providing coverage from Rochester in the west, to Cortland in the south, to Utica in the east, and into southern Canada to the north. No PL tones are required for the LARC repeaters.

Trustee;          Input                Output

WA2KFV,  146.31 mHz     146.91 mHz

N2VZD,     147.81 mHz      147.21 mHz

KD2SL,      222.52 mHz      224.12 mHz

KD2CJS,     448.3 mHz        443.3 mHz

Check them out! The .91 is fairly busy and you can always find drive time folks on the air between 6-8am weekday mornings on the 146.91 repeater.

LARC website:

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