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Monitoring the NYS DEC

(this information may be a little dated;  from 2009-2011 posts on Radio Reference)

New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (Encon)

Link to the latest NYSDEC freqs from

NYSDEC frequencies:

F1 151.220 (csq)
F2 151.280 (csq)
F3 151.250 (csq)
F4 151.265 (csq)
F5 159.435R (131.8)
F6 159.435R (82.5)
F7 159.435R (77.0)
F8 159.435R (131.8)
F9 159.435R (127.3)
F10 159.435R (146.2)
F11 159.435R (100.0)
F12 159.435R (131.8)
F13 159.435R either (127.3) or (146.2)
F14 159.435R either (100.0) or (71.9)
F15 159.435R (?)
F16 159.435R (?)

“These are inputs that I(?) have confirmed. But please note, PLs do change from time to time and some of this information may need to be updated this Spring/Summer”.

151.2200 (114.8 PL) input to 159.4350 (CSQ) Curtin Tower, Cayuga County
151.2800 (114.8 PL) input to 159.4350 (127.3) Georgetown Tower, Madison County
151.2800 (123.0 PL) input to 159.4350 (CSQ) Gomer Hill, Lewis County
151.2200 (123.0 PL) input to 159.4350 (254.1) Blue Mountain, Hamilton County
151.2800 (141.3 PL) input to 159.4350 (82.5) Whiteface, Essex County
151.2200 (127.3 PL) input to 159.4350 ( ) Gore, Warren County
151.4300 (94.8 PL) input to 159.4650 Martinsburg Tower, Lewis County
151.4300 (127.3 PL) input to 159.4650 Dry Hill, Jefferson County
151.4300 (123.0 PL) input to 159.4650 Gerogetown Tower, Madison County
151.4300 (162.2 PL) input to 159.4650 Starr Hill, Oneida County
151.4300 (151.4 PL) input to 159.4650 Whites Hill, St. Lawrence County
151.4300 (123.0 PL) input to 159.2250 (94.8) Region 7 (tower??)
151.2500 (123.0 PL) input to 159.3000 (127.3) CNY area
159.3000 (88.5) Georgetown Tower
159.2250 (114.8 PL) Whiteface
151.4300 (114.8 & 136.5 PL) Watertown area

NYSDEC radio and car numbers:

“Here is a list of radio unit numbers that I (who?) have been able to put together, This list is not complete and may contain several mistakes. I am looking for any input to complete this list”.

7N=Conservation Officers (ECOs) BECI=Bureau of Environmental Crimes Investigations
8N=Forest Rangers

Forest Rangers Central Office
8N2-Col - Asst. Director
8N3-Major - Administrative Officer
8N4-Captain - Training Officer
8N5-Captain - Fire Management Officer

ECOs Central Office
7N2-Col - Asst Director
7N3-Col - Asst Director
7N_-Major - Northern District
7N_-Major - Southern District
7N_-Major - BECI
7N_-Capt - BECI

Region 1 ECOs & Forest Rangers (Nassau & Suffolk Counties)
7N100 - Captain
7N102 - Lt. - BECI
7N110 - Lt. - Nassau & Western Suffolk Counties
7N120 - Lt. - Central Suffolk County
7N130 - Lt. - Eastern Suffolk County
8N10 - Captain (Regions 1 & 2)

7N103, 7N104,

 Nassau County & Western Suffolk Counties:
7N111, 7N112, 7N113, 7N114, 7N115, 7N116, 7N117, 7N118

Suffolk County:
Central: 7N121, 7N122, 7N123, 7N124, 7N125, 7N126
Eastern: 7N131, 7N132, 7N133, 7N134
8N129, 8N139, 8N149

 Marine Enforcement Unit
N - Captain
N - Lt.

Region 2 ECOs & Forest Rangers (New york, Bronx, Queens, Kings, & Richmond Counties)

7N200 - Captain
7N202 - Lt. - BECI
7N2_0 - Lt. -
7N2_0 - Lt. -
7N2_0 - Lt. -
8N10 - Captain (Regions 2 & 1)

7N203, 7N204, 7N205

New York County (Manhatten)
7N211, 7N212, 7N213

Bronx County:
7N221, 7N222, 7N223, 7N224

Queens County:
7N231, 7N232, 7N233, 7N234

Kings County (Brooklyn)
7N241, 7N242, 7N243, 7N244, 7N245, 7N246

Richmond County (Staten Island)
7N251, 7N252, 7N253

Region 3 ECOs & Forest Rangers (Ulster, Sullivan, Dutchess, Orange, Rockland, Putnam & Westchester Counties)
7N300 - Captain
7N302 - Lt. - BECI
7N320 - Lt. - N. Ulster & Sullivan Counties
7N330 - Lt. - S. Ulster & Dutchess Counties
7N350 - Lt. - Orange & Rockland Counties
7N370 - Lt. - Putnam & Westchester Counties
8N30 - Captain
8N31 - Lt. - Ulster & Sullivan Counties
8N32 - Lt. - Dutchess. Orange, Rockland, Putnam & Westchester Counties

7N303, 7N304, 7N305

Ulster County:
N: 7N311, 7N312
S: 7N331, 7N332, 7N333

Sullivan County:
7N321, 7N322, 7N323, 7N324

Dutchess County:
7N341, 7N342, 7N343

Orange County:
7N351, 7N352, 7n353

Rockland County:
7N361, 7N362, 7N363

Putnam & Westchester Counties:
7N371, 7N372, 7N373, 7N374, 7N375
Non-Sector ECOs
7N30_, 7N30_

Region 4 ECOs & Forest Rangers (Albany,Columbia,Greene,Montgomery

Rensselaer, Delaware, Otsego, Schenectay & Schoharie Counties)
7N400 - Captain
7N402 - Lt - BECI
7N410 - Lt - Otsego & Schohaire Counties
7N430 - Lt -Albany, Schenectady Counties
7N440 - Lt -Rensselaer & Columbia Counties
7N470 - Lt -Greene & Delaware Counties
8N40 - Captain
8N41 - Lt - Albany, Columbia, Greene, Rensselaer & Schenectady Counties
8N42 - Lt - Delaware, Montgomery, Otsego & Schoharie Counties

7N403, 7N404, 7N405

Otsego County
7N411, 7N412, 7N413

Schohaire & Montgomery Counties
7N421, 7N422, 7N423, 7N424
8N427, 8N428

Albany County
7N431, 7N432, 7N433, 7N434

Rensselaer County
7N441, 7N442

Delaware County
7N451, 7N452, 7N453, 7N454
8N447, 8N448, 8N449

Schenectady County
7N461, 7N462

Greene County
7N471, 7N472, 7N473
8N437, 8N438, 8N439

Columbia County
7N481, 7N482
Non sector ECO

Region 5 ECOs & Forest Rangers (Clinton, Essex, Franklin, Fulton, Hamilton, Saratoga, Warren, Washington Counties)

7N500 - Captain
7N15 - Lt. Lake George Park Commission
7N502 - Lt. - BECI
7N530 - Lt. - Vacant
7N540 - Lt .- Clinton, Franklin, N. Essex Counties
7N550 - Lt. - S. Essex, Hamilton, Fulton, Warren Counties
7N5100-Lt. - Saratoga & Washington Counties
8N50 - Captain

8N51 - Lt - Clinton, Franklin & Essex Counties
8N52 - Vacant
8N53 - Lt - Essex, Franklin & Hamilton Counties
8N54 - Lt - Essex & Franklin Counties
8N55 - Lt - S. Essex & Warren Counties
8N56 - Lt - Saratoga & Washington Counties
8N57 - Lt - Fulton & S. Hamilton Counties

7N503, 7N504, 7N505, 7N506

Franklin County:
Northern Franklin 7N511, 7N512
Southern Franklin 7N531, 7N532
8N515, 8N516, 8N517
8N537, 8N538, 8N539

Clinton County
7N521, 7N522, 7N523
8N518, 8N519

Essex County:
NW Essex: 7N531, 7N532
NE Essex: 7N541, 7N542
Southern: 7N561, 7N562
NW Essex: 8N544, 8N545, 8N546, 8N547, 8N548, 8N549
NE Essex: 8N527, 8N528, 8N529
Southern: 8N558, 8N559

Northern Hamilton: 7N551, 7N552, 7N553
Southern Hamilton: 7N571, 7N572
Northern Hamilton: 8N574, 8N757, 8N576
Southern Hamilton: 8N577, 8N578, 8N579

Warren County:
7N581, 7N582, 7N583
8N555, 8N556, 8N557, 8N564

Fulton County:
7N591, 7N592
8N587, 8N588, 8N589

Saratoga County:
7N5101, 7N5102, 7N5103, 7N5104
8N565, 8N566

Washington County:
7N5111, 7N5112, 7N5113
8N567, 8N568, 8N569

Non-sector ECOs
7N507, 7N508, 7N509

REGION 6 ECOs & Forest Rangers (St Lawrence, Jefferson, Lewis, Herkimer & Onedia Counties)

7N600 - Captain

7N602 - Lt. BECI

7N620 - Lt. - St. Lawrence County

7N6_0 - Lt. - Jefferson & N. Lewis County

7N670 - Lt. - S. Lewis, NE Oneida & N. Herkimer Counties

7N690 - Lt. - Oneida & S. Herkimer Counties

8N60 - Captain

8N61 - Lt. - St. Lawrence County

8N62 - Lt. - Jefferson, N. Lewis & N. Herkimer Counties

8N63 - Lt. - Oneida & S. Herkimer Counties


7N603, 7N604, 7N605

St. Lawrence County

NE - 7N611, 7N612, 7N613

SW - 7N621, 7N622, 7N623

SE - 7N631, 7N632, 7N633

N: 8N617, 8N618, 8N619

S: 8N627, 8N628, 8N629


North: 7N641, 7N642

South: 7N661, 7N662, 7N663

North: 8N637, 8N638, 8N639

South: 8N646, 8N647, 8N648, 8N649

Jefferson County:

7N651, 7N652, 7N653

8N637, 8N638, 8N639

Herkimer County:

N: 7N671, 7N672, 7N673

S: 7N691, 7N692, 7N693

N: 8N647, 8N648, 8N649

S: 8N667

Oneida County:

7N681, 7N682, 7N683

8N668, 8N669

Non-Sector ECOs

7N60_, 7N60_

Region 7 ECOs & Forest Rangers (Oswego, Cayuga, Onondaga, Madison, Tompkins, Cortland, Chenango, Broome & Tioga Counties)

7N700 - Captain

7N702 - Lt. BECI

7N710 - Lt. Oswego County

7N720 - Lt. Onondaga & Cayuga Counties

7N750 - Lt. Tompkins, Broome & Tioga Counties

7N760 - Lt. Madison, Cortland & Chenango Counties

8N70 - Captain

8N71 - Lt. - All Counties


7N703, 7N704, 7N705


7N711, 7N712, 7N713, 7N714, 7N715


Cayuga County:

7N721, 7N722


Onondaga County:

7N731, 7N732, 7N733


Madison County:

7N741, 7N742


Tompkins County:

7N751, 7N752


Cortland County:

7N761, 7N762


Chenango County

7N771, 7N772


Broome County:



Tioga County:



Non-Sector ECOs

7N70_, 7N70_

Region 8 ECOs & Forest Rangers (Orleans, Genesse, Monroe, Wayne, Livingston, Ontario, Seneca, Yates, Steuben, Chemung & Schuyler Counties)

7N800 - Captain

7N802 - Lt. BECI

7N8_0 - Lt. Orleans, Genesee & Monroe Counties

7N8_0 - Lt. Wayne & Ontario Counties

7N840 - Lt. Livingston & Steuben Counties

7N8_0 - Lt. Seneca, Yates, Schuyler & Chemung Counties

8N90 - Captain (Region 8 & 9)

8N81 - Lt. All Counties


7N803, 7N804, 7N805

Orleans & Genesee Counties:

7N811, 7N812, 7N813


Monroe County:

7N821, 7N822, 7N823


Wayne County:

7N831, 7N832, 7N833


Livingston County:

7N841, 7N842


Ontario County:

7N851, 7N852


Seneca County:

7N861, 7N862


Yates County:

7N871, 7N872


Steuben County:

7N881, 7N882, 7N883

8N829, 8N839

Schuyler & Chemung Counties:

7N891, 7N892, 7N893


 Non-Sector Ecos

7N80_, 7N80_

Region 9 ECOs & Forest Rangers (Niagara, Erie, Wyoming, Chautauqua, Cattaraugus & Allegany Counties)

7N900 - Captain

7N902 - Lt. - BECI

7N910 - Lt. - Niagara & Erie County

7N9_0 - Lt. -

7N9_0 - Lt. -


7N903, 7N904, 7N905

 Niagara County:

7N911, 7N912, 7N913


 Erie County:

N. 7N921, 7N922,

S. 7N931, 7N932, 7N933


 Wyoming County:

7N941, 7N942

Chautauqua County:

7N951, 7N952, 7N953, 7N954

8N_ _

Cattaraugus County:

W: 7N961, 7N962

E: 7N971, 7N972

8N9_ _

Allegany County:

7N981, 7N982, 7N983

8N_ _

Non-Sectors ECOs:

7N90_, 7N90_

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