Friday, November 15, 2013

Bear Bait Radio Club

Here is the latest on the Bear Bait Radio Club sponsored repeaters:

(Thanks to WA2DAD, Tom for the update)

Long Lake             146.640-  Pl 162.2
Long Lake             443.850+  Pl 162.2
Blue Mnt.(Lake)    146.865-  Pl 162.2
Clay                       146.640 -  Pl 131.8  - Will be on Dec 1st
Clay                       444.250+  Pl 131.8
Morrisville             443.XXX                - Will be on over winter

All these repeaters are supported and sponsored by BBRC. The repeater equipment is privately owned.

Contact them at:  Bear Bait Radio Club, P.O. Box 172, Clay ,N.Y.  13041

learn more at:

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