Thursday, November 20, 2014

KD2SL 53.67 repeater antenna change (Syracuse)

An update from Kevin - KD2SL:

“I am running another experiment and have changed the 53.67 repeater antenna configuration once again. Up until this past Thursday we had been receiving from a 6M dipole antenna up just over 700 feet and transmitting from the "old" bat-wing TV antenna on the top of our tower. We are now both transmitting and receiving (with a duplexer) on the 6M dipole at approximately 700 feet. This may degrade your ability to hear the repeater in fringe areas, but since those fringe areas can’t get in to the repeater, being able to hear it there was of dubious value.  Still, the repeater’s receiver is working better than ever, probably because there was some desense that we didn’t realize was being caused by the split antenna arrangement.  Thankfully, running duplex into the single antenna is working well, with no cracklies or desense.  This set up is much more balanced, meaning that if you can hear it well, it should now be able to hear you.

Thanks to EVERYONE, you have all been really great sports, willing to play numerous rounds of “can you hear me now?”!  I’m very interested to know how well you can hear the repeater in this current arrangement. Please send me your reports at”

-Kevin - Thanks for all your efforts to bringing us the great KD2SL repeaters in Syracuse! 

73 – Tony – KC2VER

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