Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Yaesu Webinar: Fusion Digital - Sunday April 12th - 8pm

A note from Chris Wilson at Yaesu:

Good Afternoon Valued Yaesu Customers,

If you are interested in participating in our online Fusion Digital Webinar Sunday April 12th at 8 PM EST (5PM) Pacific Time, please register at the following URL:

Best Regards,

Chris Wilson / N0CSW
National Sales Manager, Yaesu USA

* the instructions and log in information for the webinar will be forwarded to you after you register

UPDATE: 4/9/15
- Everyone....Please only register if you are going to attend.

I am shutting down registration at 750 people, we have to pay for each seat even if its not used (up front). We are going to leave 50-80 seats for those who want to join us when the webinar begins.

So, if you are not sure please join us on the Day of the webinar rather than using up a seat. There will be some spots available before we start.

Best Regards,

Chris W / N0CSW