Friday, August 28, 2015

Check out old Radio Shack and Allied Catalogs online

 Back a few months ago I posted a brief story about the demise of Radio Shack. Generations of home electronics hobbyists, ham radio enthusiasts and computer geeks spent their growth-spurt years hanging around their local Radio Shack stores. I was one of them. The company's heyday ran from the 1970s through the late 1990s, when it rode the CB radio craze as the largest retailer in the market, and then transformed into a creditable maker of computer gear. Ham Radio and Scanners were also a big part of that heyday.

Well now you can go back and view your favorite old Radio Shack catalogs on line. Thanks to the folks at At this website you will be able to view these old 1939-2011 Radio Shack and Tandy Electronics' catalogs, sale flyers, brochures, and more...year by by page.

What's unique about this website is that the catalogs are presented as a VIRTUAL catalog, in a "page-flipping" format. This gives you the experience of paging-through an actual Radio Shack catalog. They also have old sales flyers and even TV commercials along with lots of company history.

Check it out here:

You can also view old Allied Radio catalogs at this site:

I spent an hour last night looking back at some of the cool stuff I enjoyed in my youth. Take a look for yourself, I think you'll have some fun!

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