Thursday, September 29, 2016

Pico balloon launched from the Elmira Hamfest is now halfway around the world

Those of you who were at the Elmira Hamfest may have watched the preparation of a balloon and launch last Saturday morning. Well as I write this, that balloon is now over Central China.

Today, I received an email update from KD2EAT; Mike Hojnowski. Mike is a local amateur who has quite a bit of experience with balloon launches. Here is a brief update and some links (also see the tracking live) so you can get some more background on this very interesting flight:

from Mike:  I launched a pico "floater" balloon at the Elmira Hamfest this past Saturday.  It's Solar powered, using the WSPR protocol to beacon its position at about 10mw.  It has performed very well, and now, 6 flight days later, it's in Central China and going strong.

My flight blog is at:

I gateway the WSPR traffic onto APRS for viewing at:

Great job Mike! We look forward to tracking it in the coming days...........

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