Friday, January 20, 2017

Changes to CNY Radio Reference Scanner Feed of Local Repeaters

Exciting Changes to my Radio Reference Scanner Feed of Local Repeaters!
Verona, NY - January 18, 2017

First, some background. I provide a streaming audio feed to the Radio Reference website. The
source of the audio is a scanner at my home, which has many local amateur radio repeaters
programmed in to it. Among them are the following: 146.91, 145.33, 146.775, 147.39, 146.67, 146.955 and the 449.925 on the statewide UHF system. There are no public service frequencies programmed, as radio reference has many alternative feeds for that.

There is no setup or special software required to listen in from your PC (anywhere in the
world). Just go to this link and click on the little play button on the left (link: ). You can listen on your smart
phone as well, with an application like “Radio 5-0”. There are others, but that is the one that I use.
Here's what's new. I have employed a Uniden BCT-15X scanner with many cool features. It is
connected to a super-J pole antenna on the roof. This unit supports what are know as “Tags”. That
means that when the scanner is stopped on a particular frequency (channel), text is sent along with the audio, that is assigned to that channel. You will therefore know what frequency you are listening to.
The scanner has also allowed us to hear 6 meters and the 220 band. I have added 224.12, 224.660 and
53.67 to the list. This unit also supports CTCSS (PL) decoding, so the feed should have fewer false
triggers coming over it. I am still adjusting priorities, but at present 145.33, 146.67 and 53.67 have
high priority, among others.

If you have a favorite repeater that you would like added, let me know. I'll tell you whether it
can be supported. More information can be found about this on my QRZ web page. My email is good
there, so you can ask me questions. Let me know if you listen and find it useful!

Stan N2STC

....Thanks Stan!     (also works with other apps like "Scanner Radio Pro", etc.)

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