Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Balloon lost near Ontario NY tonight

Anyone east of Rochester able to help?

My friend Dave,VE3KCL launched a balloon from Toronto and it crash landed near Ontario NY. The call sign transmitted is VE3OCL using WSPR modes for 20/30m bands. Apparently it landed perfectly somewhere and is still transmitting as I type this note (6:27pm 11/8/17).

Maybe someone in the area will take interest and listen for it...or see it somewhere.

Details are here of this payload and location. I still do not know the exact 6 character grid yet but it could transmit that soon on this page with the other data - link:

Just wanted to share this as someone may actually have it in their back yard :)


Frequencies are setup through the WSPR software.
Dial frequency for for 30m is 10.138.70 mhz.
Dial frequency for 20m is 14.095.60 mhz.
WSPR software will decode the data and such -


  1. Has it been located yet? Email me, address is good on QRZ


  2. Some in the area have said to be hearing it.It operates from solar power and looks like weather will pretty much be the doom of the electronics.Never know however with these things.
    The location is vast using the data and the closest the tracking will be is within a 3x4 mile grid square (6 character). So to hunt it down,one would need to be pretty good using direction finding and eyesight.Or should it be in plain view off a road way.But maybe someday it will be found and if a ham hears about it,you know where it came from.Thanks all for the interest.

  3. For what it is worth,one of my flights are still flying for a 3rd day.
    Tomorrow will be tough as the sun is lower in the sky near Greenland and will only power the system for a short time tomorrow.
    Seen here as U3S19 -!mt=roadmap&mz=5&qm=1_day&f=U3S19
    Detail of payload builds here for those interested -

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  5. Another flight over NY 12/03/2017 -