Monday, August 27, 2018

LARC Evaluation DMR Repeater is on the air!

LARC Evaluation DMR Repeater Available for Testing! (Facebook update from LARC on 8/27/18) 

LARC is pleased to announce the evaluation DMR repeater is available for testing. We would like to thank Len Signoretti, N2LEN, and Dennis Hudson, N2LBT, for their assistance to LARC in configuration of the repeater and integration into the larger NY DMR MARC C-Bridge network. For those knowledgeable in DMR code plug programming (radio programming) reference the following information for code plug modification
Network: DMR-MARC
Rx: 443.3MHz
Tx: 448.3MHz
Color Code: 1
Repeater Location: Cazenovia, NY

Note: PARROT is currently unavailable due to issues on the DMR MARC network and the DMRX group is working to resolve.
If you have any issues with configurating your code plugs, please contact Ron Panetta (r o n at p a n m a n . u s). If you have questions and are not familiar with code plugs, feel free to send them to Ron and he will either answer them real time or batch them up for Q&A at the September meeting. Please be sure to include your phone number in any email as some issues will be easier and faster to work via telephone than via email. For those of you who have yet to obtain a DMR identification number, please go here and register. It usually takes a couple of hours to get your ID. We cannot program your radio without that ID number.
We recognize many of you are unfamiliar with code plug programming. Fear not, LARC will be assisting in HT radio programming along with meeting programs on the topic should the membership move forward with procurement of the system.
Note that the repeater is temporarily staged at our Cazenovia location, co-located with the 147.21 repeater and will remain there until we 1) ensure any programming issues are addressed and 2) the membership votes on purchase authorization at the September meeting. Pending closure on both items, we will relocate the DMR repeater to the Pompey, NY location which is where the 146.91 repeater is located and the location of the recently disabled 443.3MHz Fusion

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