Sunday, September 9, 2018

LARC upcoming DMR College and General Class

It is time to get started with LARC's Fall Educational Schedule.  LARC will conduct our first DMR College on Saturday October 13th 27th (more on that to follow), along with a General License License Course to start on Tuesday, October 16th.

All sessions will be held at the North Syracuse Education Association, 210 South Main St, in North Syracuse.  I have attached the course schedule.  I anyone is interested in presenting a topic, please let me know.  We have all the slides needed to follow along with the Current Edition of the ARRL General Class License Manual.  As always, on the final day of class, the ARRL Exam will be given.  There is no cost for the class.  Cost for the exam is $15, cost of the textbook is $25. 

Thanks again for your support.  Stay tuned for more about our first “DMR College”.


General Course outline:

Here is an outline and schedule for the upcoming General Class Instruction Course.

Session # 1, Tuesday, October 16 @600PM
Procedures and Practices
HF Operating Techniques
Emergency operations
Rules and Regulations
Regulatory Bodies
Amateur Licensing Rules
Control Operator Privileges
Technical Rules and Standards

Session #2, Tuesday, October 23 @ 600PM
Components and Circuits #1
Electrical Review
AC Power
Basic Components

Session #3, Saturday, October 27 @ 900AM
Digital Modes
Introduction to Digital Modes
Digital Basics
Character Based Modes
Packet Based Modes
Receiving and Transmitting Digital Modes
Digital Operating Procedures
(Live Demonstration)

Session #4, Saturday, October 27 @ 100PM
Components and Circuits #2
Reactance and Impedance
Active Components
Practical Circuits
Basic Test Equipment

Session # 5, Tuesday October 30 @ 600PM
Radio Signals & Equipment
Signal Review
Radio’s Building Blocks
Transmitter Structure
Receiver Structure
HF Station Installation

Session #6, Saturday, November 10 @900AM
Antenna Basics
Dipoles, Ground Planes, Random Wires
Yagi Antennas
Loop Antennas
Specialized Antennas
Feed Lines

Session #7, Saturday, November 10 @ 1PM
The Ionosphere
The Sun
Scatter Modes
Electrical & RF Safety
Electrical Safety
RF Safety
Outdoor Safety

Final Exam

NOTE: All sessions will be held at the North Syracuse Education Association, South Main St., in
North Syracuse. I have a complete set of Power Point Slides from the ARRL that closely follow
the instruction manual. Please feel free to add in any practical demonstration or “show and
tell” items that will augment the pertinent topic. Additionally, I will have a laptop, projector,
and white board to facilitate the instruction.

Thanks again for your interest and I look forward to meeting and working with all of you.

Please call or email with any questions, suggestions, or concerns.
Pete Sochocki

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