Friday, March 8, 2019

Balloon tracker - falling near Utica NY (3/8/19 - 11:30am)

(a message from our Balloon enthusiast friend Jim....if you are near Utica please keep an eye (or ear) out for it)

Launched a experimental balloon this morning and appears to have failed and is dropping near Utica,NY. Seen here as U3S29 -!mt=roadmap&mz=8&qm=1_day&f=U3S29&q=!RS_*;

Balloon is large and shiny,maybe someone will find it?

Tracker uses 20m band WSPR / QRSS @ 14095.60 mhz USB.

Maybe someone will see it in a tree somewhere.. :)


  1. Tony,thank you for sharing this project.It is always nice to make this public in the event it can be spotted easily when it lands or word of mouth about finding such a thing.It is always helpful to see what the failure cause was to balloon to make future improvements.My guess it touched down East of Northville ,NY. If it lands in good orientation,still could be transmitting as it receives solar power.

  2. Last known location -