Friday, July 5, 2019

Possible new threat to Amateur Radio spectrum

Over the last few weeks there have been quite a few news items and on-line discussions brewing over a possible threat to Amateur Radio 2M spectrum allocation. More specifically, a new proposal that will be advanced to the ITU World Radio Communication Conference 2023. It originates with French spectrum regulators and is reported to be at the behest of the Paris-based multinational defense contractor Thales. The concern is the proposed relegation of amateur radio to secondary status of the widely used two-meter band (144 MHz) to permit its usage by aircraft.

All Amateur Radio enthusiasts should have concern over these proposals as the connected world pushes to gain more spectrum for 100's of new types of mobile communications devices.

...and to quote from
"Why should this bother you? If you are a radio amateur it should be a grave concern that a band which has provided the “glue” for so many vital services over many decades might come under threat, and if you are not a radio amateur it should concern you that a commercial defense contractor in one country can so easily set in motion the degradation of a globally open resource governed by international treaties penned in your grandparents’ time. Amateur radio is a different regulatory being from the licence-free spectrum that we now depend upon for so many things, but the principle of it being a free resource to all its users remains the same. If you have an interest in retaining the spectrum you use wherever on the dial it may lie, we suggest you support your national amateur radio organisation in opposing this measure".

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  1. 2-Meters has a limited distance. Can we keep using it in N.Am? KD2BME