Monday, October 28, 2019

Antenna change over!

Success! The new Channel 3 antenna in place!

What a beautiful day for a helicopter and climbers to change out the WSTM Channel 3 TV antenna at Sentinel Heights. 

Today was the day! The helicopter and climbing crews arrived early for a pre-work review and safety meeting. By noon the climbers were in place and the helicopter had arrived. By 1pm the old antenna was removed and set on the ground. It took another 4-1/2 hours to remove the old mounting brackets, install the new mounting hardware and finally set the new antenna in place.

Removing the old Batwing Antenna!

The old antenna that was installed in 2001 is being replaced as part of the FCC mandated television frequency repack  which is driving major changes to TV transmitters and antennas all over the country.

Read more about the project in our post from earlier this year :

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