Tuesday, November 17, 2020

SkyWarn Recognition Day 2020 - 12/5/20

 from the SkyWarn Jacksonville Fla. Team:

00 -24 UTC December 5th, 2020

On behalf of the SRD Planning Team, I want to take a little of your time to formally announce that Skywarn Recognition Day 2020 (SRD 2020) is a go.

However, like all things 2020, expect significant changes and a ‘new normal’.

NWS Offices will be out of play this year. Due to the staffing constraints related to COVID, running base stations from NWS offices have been removed from the picture.

So, what are we doing?

This will be open to all Skywarn Spotters including amateur radio and non-amateur radio operators.

  • Skywarn Recognition Day Webpage is operational
  • Amateur Radio Skywarn Operators are encouraged to reach out to all who have registered (the registration is up and running.)
  • NWS Operations may need to work on developing liaison methods (NWSChat/Other Comms) to collaborate with off-site amateur radio net control operators
    • Coordinate this locally
  • Skywarn Recognition Facebook page has been setup – https://www.facebook.com/groups/2670993076293359
    • Social Media will be active – and we are working on setting up a series of live streams throughout the 24 hour period.
    • Including a ‘Faces of Skywarn” interactive event!
    • Local Offices are encouraged to engage your local Skywarn Spotters during the day!

Certificating and Logging procedures are still being worked out – so check the SRD webpage frequently!

I have received a few questions and the most common are included here:

“Can we operate the NWS Amateur Station from a remote location?”

  • The simple answer is yes you can.
    • Since we cannot operate from within the NWS offices, remote operations are encouraged.
  • You must work with the station trustee to assure they are aware of and will permit this operation.
  • It is also recommended that this be ONE club/operator at any given time to avoid confusion (the registration allows you to identify operational time periods.)
  • ALL station operators should adhere to CDC. state and local guidelines (social distancing, face coverings, etc.)

“Is there a cost for participation?”

  • No, other than personal time and equipment.

“I don’t have an amateur radio license, can I still participate?”

  • Absolutely, this is open to ALL Skywarn Spotters (and actually for non-Skywarn Spotters)
  • This is an opportunity to promote and recognize Skywarn Spotters.

Skywarn Recognition Day Webpage – www.weather.gov/crh/skywarnrecognition

Skywarn Recognition Day Facebook Page – https://www.facebook.com/groups/2670993076293359

Skywarn Recognition Day Notification List – SRD+subscribe@groups.io (put “Subscribe” in the subject line

What is Skywarn and learn about using it in Upstate NY: https://www.upstateham.com/p/skywarn.html

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