Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Winter Field Day - 2021


As winter weather starts to arrive in Upstate NY, its time to start thinking about Winter Field Day! This can be a fun opportunity to make some contacts from inside or out. Winter Field Day, sponsored by the Winter Field Day Association (WFDA), will take place over the January 28-29 weekend. The event’s stated purpose is to encourage emergency operating preparedness in the winter, but it’s also an excuse to get out of the house and enjoy the great outdoors. 

“Don’t let those winter doldrums keep you locked up in the house,” the WFDA says. “Get out and play some radio!” The WFDA said it believes that maintaining operating skills should not be limited to fair-weather scenarios.The event is not restricted to North America. All Amateur Radio operators around the world are invited to participate, and there are three entry categories — indoor, outdoor, and home.

More info at: https://www.winterfieldday.com/

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