Sunday, August 29, 2021

Roc City Hamfest - another huge success this year!

 Another successful 2021 Hamfest in Upstate NY! 

Joe; K2ZX and the Roc City Net gang did it again! Nice weather and a great turnout with 350+ attendees, with the furthest person coming from Detroit, Michigan! Rich from RW Antenna store reported more than twice the business over their 2019 visit there. 

There are still a few more Hamfests to enjoy this season! Don't forget the Elmira Hamfest on 9/25 - its also another one of our favorites!!!

More Pictures:

Thanks to Joe; K2ZX for sending on the pictures and info from this great event!


  1. The hamfest was a good turnout. However, their were 2 of the members of Roc City Club that were very rude to customer's when they came in for directions as to where to park. One of which chased after one of the vehicles yelling and cursing at them for parking in the wrong area. The people didn't park their car, they just pulled in to ask where to park their car and he went off on them! Also, had the one of the rude members and another individual try to tell a customer not to buy from me? I asked him why would you say that and he told me someone sent him over to stop customer's from buying from me. He stated he was told to tell customer's that I was a joke. I did report him to another person who has the club shirt on and he said that will not be tolerated and would take care of it. Their were 3 customer witnesses who gave their statements to the club member as well who felt that guy should have been removed from the hamfest for his actions. I am a very HONEST person and have been in this are in business for over 35 year's and attending hamfest for as many year's and I do NOT appreciate this kind of nonsense! The guy who was running his mouth did stay away from my tables after I told him to stay clear of my area where I was set up selling.

    Your picture above with the chubby guy with his hands on his chest standing to the left is the one who was rude to other's as well as to myself, my family who was there and to a few of my customer's who also got after him and told him he would be reported for his actions. So whoever told him to start his drama failed needs to grow up as well. I hope the Roc City club handles this matter as it was completely wrong for him to do.

    Outside of that, the hamfest was a good turnout and I did very well selling 75% of what I had for sale.

    KC2KJO - STU

  2. Thanks, to me, K2SET for the drone pictures lol. Just messing with you guys. Hamfest was a blast