Saturday, November 20, 2021

How to coil up coax cables

I was struggling to coil up a 100' of coax last weekend and remembered reading about the "over & under" method to keep twist out of cables for storage. I quickly looked up and found the article I had book marked about this sure fire coiling technique. (I also found a nice video to demonstrate it; see the link below)

The "over/under" name refers to the practice of twisting the cable in one direction to make the first coil, and un-twisting it to make the next, and repeating this until all the cable is neatly coiled. 

Steps to "over/under" coil your cables:

1: Grab your cable and start with an overhand loop.

2: Flip the cable, and roll it underhand to create the second loop.

3: Repeat overhand and underhand until the cable coils entirely in a circle.

4: Use a velcro tie or cable tie to secure the cable in place

Care should be taken to keep each end on its proper side of the roll when uncoiling otherwise a knot will appear with every other loop. This method works both clockwise and counterclockwise, for both right-handed or left-handed individuals.

Link to a very good video of coiling 100" of coax :

(Video link from

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