Thursday, September 1, 2022

QRZ New Ham Jumpstart Program

 from QRZ forums:

We are pleased to announce the QRZ New Ham Jumpstart, a program that will help new hams get on the air faster than ever. The program, which is jointly sponsored by QRZ and GigaParts, will provide a FREE, New Ham Welcome Package to eligible applicants. Among the goodies in the first edition of theWelcome Package, we are including a brand-new dual-band handheld transceiver, the Explorer QRZ-1,along with a host of other sponsor-supplied goodies.

Purpose of the Jumpstart Program
This program is designed to promote amateur radio to the masses, helping to eliminate a possible
barrier to entry by providing new hams with their first radio. The Jumpstart program will provide the
QRZ-1 radio to new hams who meet eligibility requirements. No purchase or subscription of any kind is
necessary. The welcome package is FREE to those who qualify.

Full details link:

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