Saturday, January 21, 2023

Very Nice Ham Radio Breakfast!

 A big pat on the back to the folks involved making the Syracuse "Hammy" Breakfast happen today!

It was a large friendly group and great food at the Finally Ours Diner on Onondaga Hill. I believe we counted 40+ people attending. Its always a fun time with this group and the first big breakfast since the Pandemic that slowed things down two years ago. We also raffled a couple of radios and raised some money for two independent repeaters in CNY.

Also a big hats off to N2XSG who had a VCR/projector set up with a vintage 38 minute Ham radio interview with Jack Smith; W2QYT (SK). What a great piece of CNY Ham radio history from a great guy who we all miss. His influence on Upstate NY Ham radio communications will long be remembered. Thanks Lou for finding and saving this awesome piece of local Ham radio history!

Thanks to Curt; K2WOP for setting this up again and also to Lou; N2SXG for organizing the room and presentation this morning. Also  thank you to W2ACC Dave for donating the raffle radios. Hopefully we will do it again this Spring!

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