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2023 International Lighthouse / Lightship Weekend - 8/19-20

International Lighthouse / Lightship Weekend - August 19-20

A few years ago the International Association of Lighthouse Keepers decided to have an annual open day for lighthouses all around the world to encourage visitors to visit at their lighthouses. They decided that no better day could be decided upon other than the Sunday of the ILLW. This move has been highly successful as the media have become involved in quite a few of the countries involved in the event. The ILLW takes place on the 3rd full weekend in August each year and attracts over 500 lighthouse entries located in over 40 countries. It is one of the most popular international amateur radio events in existence probably because there are very few rules and it is not the usual contest type event. It is also free and there are no prizes for contacting large numbers of other stations. There is little doubt that the month of August has become "Lighthouse Month" due largely to the popularity and growth of the ILLW.

This year’s event takes place on the 3rd full weekend in August so if you haven’t done so already, find a lighthouse nearby and get a group together or do it solo and fire up a lighthouse station. In most cases if you don’t intend operating from within the lighthouse itself or one of its cottages, you really don’t need to get any approval. Most first time entrants are so enthused with the event that they return year after year. More info at:

Several Upstate NY Lighthouses will be participating.

Charlotte Lighthouse - Rochester, N.Y. - more info at:

Fort Niagara - Lewiston N.Y. 

Oswego Harbor Pier lighthouse, Oswego, N.Y. -

 Good afternoon,

 Once again this year I will be setting up a portable station at the H Lee White Maritime museum in Oswego, NY for the 2023 International Lighthouse / Lightship Weekend. The Station will be at the museum overlooking the Oswego West Pierhead Lighthouse. We can not set up at the lighthouse itself due to insurance and ongoing renovations. The set up details are as follows: August 19th and 20th are the operating dates with times of at least 9am – 4pm each day. Of course that depends on weather. If it is nice ….. I will stay longer!! 😊 There are over 300 lighthouse and lightships already registered with an anticipated total of over 500 worldwide that will have amateur radio stations set up. I will run SSB, CW, and digital on two transceivers and antennas. The event is open to the public and hams everywhere. Event details are available at

Thank you,

73’s, Fred Legawiec, W2LGA, 315 317-8030

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