Friday, September 8, 2023

HF Activity Group - everyday on 17, 15, 12 and 10 meters!


If you want to have some fun or try a new HF antenna - these are the guys to check out! They start on 17M at 17:30z every
 afternoon. Lots of check-ins from across North America and usually around the world. Great group of folks here. 
Check out their web site for all the details:

What frequencies? When?


18.1575         17:30         18:30

21.3830         18:30         19:15

24.9700         19:15         19:45

28.5700         19:45         20:15

The HF Radio Activity Group started over 10+ years ago with a small group of radio operators, W3FF, W8YCM and more.  This group of radio operators would meet every day on a specific set of frequencies across multiple HF bands.

The purpose is twofold, first to determine what the propagation is in real time for that day, for no other reason than curiosity about radio. The second reason is to have fun using amateur radio.

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