Saturday, October 21, 2023

60 Meter band changes proposed by FCC - PLEASE COMMENT

Updated on 10/30/23 to reflect the extended dates for the comment period.

Comments are now due November 28, 2023 and replies December 28, 2023.

from the ARRL:

ARRL; The National Association for Amateur Radio® is asking that all radio amateurs urge the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to continue the existing use of the 60-meter band. The ARRL is encouraging expressions of support to the FCC for the current 100 watt ERP power limit (instead of reducing the power limit to 15 watts EIRP) and continuing secondary access to the current channels.  An opportunity to reply to comments ends on October 30,2023. Comments should be submitted in FCC Docket No. WT 23-120.

ARRL has assembled a web page with instructions on how to submit your comments, as well as background information on the issue: 

Its really pretty simple to comment on the FCC site. Just follow the ARRL instructions and link above that will take you directly to comment section form on the FCC web page.

And better yet, when you are done writing a comment consider checking in on the 60 Meter "Short & Sweet" net each day at 5:30pm EST on 5346.5 khz.

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