Central New York Linked VHF Repeaters

NOTE: - System maintenance and updates in progress, some links may not be operable. Thanks for your patience!     Last status as of 2/1/2022 

This system has excellent coverage across a wide area of the Finger Lakes, Southern Tier, Southwestern Adirondacks and the Mohawk Valley. This includes the cities of Auburn, Cortland, Rome, Utica and Syracuse. The system covers over (15) upstate counties and is an excellent backup for Emergency communications. The system also has EchoLink capability and it is frequently used. The trustees of this system do a fantastic job keeping the system at peak performance.

Thanks to Kevin-KD2SL, Bob-KA2FWN, Jack-W2QYT - now SK, K2INH; John, Chris-KB2FAF, Mike-KB2AUJ, Matt N2PYI and Jerry N2FSD for all their hard work!

*** Note - Cayuga, Seneca and Tompkins Counties activate SkyWarn NET's on this system when NWS warnings are issued.


147.000 + PL 71.9 Auburn - Cayuga County -W2QYT  (echolink node #9188)
145.330 - PL 71.9 Remsen - Oneida County - KB2AUJ
147.225 + PL 71.9 Cortland - Cortland County -KB2FAF (sometimes connected through Echolink)
146.970 - PL 103.5 Ithaca - Tompkins County - AF2A (TCARA)
145.150 - PL 123.0 Lafayette - Onondaga County - KD2SL (nice Syracuse HT coverage!)
147.03 - PL  Solon - Cortland County, KB2FAF (switches to stand alone from 10pm to 3am each evening, then back to linked)

***View the CNY Linked REPEATER SYSTEM MAP here: http://goo.gl/maps/g76aF

(UPDATED 4/3/19)


  1. What is the correct CTCSS tone for the 145.150 repeater? Listed as 123.0 hz on this page, yet on the REPEATER SYSTEM MAP it's listed as 71.9 hz.... ??

    1. Joe, Thanks for catching the PL tone error on the map. Yes, the correct tone is 123.0 and has been corrected on our map.

    2. Well that was the FASTEST correction ever made! hahaha... I just happened to notice it, and was confused. Once I checked some of the other links, I saw 123.0 listed more often- so figured that was correct. Nice informative (but not overloading) website!! Thanks for your work with it! 73 de Joe WA2NGX

    3. Joe - Thanks for the kind words! .....we really want to provide the most accurate and informative information. We occasionally make an error or get provided some information that is not totally accurate. Please feel free to leave us comments, questions and corrections.

  2. Are these repeaters linked all the time or do I need to send DTMF tones to make them linkup?

    1. These are generally linked full time, though one or more may be temporarily disconnected for various reasons. Try them out, you can get local updates from the folks on the repeater.