Common USB cable and driver issues

I was chatting with a fellow Ham the other morning about his struggles to get radio interface cables and software working on his PC. We discussed the various issues that make what he had hoped to be a plug-and-play installation, such a challenge.

Being through a few of these challenges myself, I have found a couple of websites that might help you through these issues. Check them out below......... 

(and if you have other tips, please email us at and we will update this list ):

Ham radio USB cable/driver issues (this Miklor site has lots of good info):

USB to RS-232 adapter cable issues article:

Contest University 2019  N6TV USB preso:

Another device with some general tips on troubleshooting driver issues:

Windows 10 - USB cable/driver issues (read all the way down in this forum entry):

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  1. After using above method everything worked fine but after a month my computer system is showing notification to updater the driver so how to solve this issue ?