NYS UHF Linked Repeater System 2 - NORTH / SOUTH

SYSTEM is only partially connected in NY as of 2/15/19....some repeaters may still be in use. Looking for updates. 

When your headed into the North Country, also try the North/South UHF System 2 that KA2FWN and company are putting together. This has very nice coverage along the Route 12 and 28 corridors, as well as many other areas in the north country. We will post updates here as the system development progresses. 

NYS UHF Linked Repeaters: System 2 - NORTH / SOUTH:

443.850 + 103.5 Kirkland, NY - KA2FWN/R on air,linked
443.175 + 103.5 Old Forge, NY - KA2FWN/R on air,linked
449.675 - 103.5 Long Lake, NY - KA2FWN/R on air,linked (please note the correction to freq)
449.325 - 103.5 Crystal Dale, NY/Lowville, NY - KA2FWN/R > will be on the air soon -few weeks,linked
449.675 - 103.5 Waterville, NY - KA2FWN/R > will be on the air soon - next week ,linked

Thanks to KA2FWN - Bob for the latest info on these growing systems!


  1. This system has expanded to Tupper Lake, Long Island and others. Watch activity on

    From Mark WB2ERS
    All sites are linked via private microwave, VPN or dedicated UHF point to point link.

    The technology is the same Asterisk being developed by Allstar using Rasberri Pi with CM-108 sound and signal interfaces.

    The only difference is that we are a privately networked system with a single node for access in and out to Allstar (42279).

    Other similar interfaces will be added in time to support Echolink and IRLP. Just haven’t gotten around to it.

    1. This additional linking is thanks to the Network GARA which is the greater Adirondack repeater association.

  2. Would really like to have FINE, N.Y. repeater linked in to the group...wa2nan