RECENT Repeater Changes

Our running LIST of  recent changes to repeaters in Upstate NY:

6/1/24 Utica/Rome,  146.76, the  UARC K2IQ repeater has changed to a 103.5 PL tone
11/28/23 Syracuse/Camillus, 146.625 N2PYK - on the air - modified signal until new antenna update.
11/27/23 Fulton - 147.39, WN8Z repeater - is now analog and hosting the Pathfinder net
11/21/23 Syracuse/Camillus, 146.625 N2PYK is temporarily off the air. Waiting for parts.
4/1/23 Auburn; 147.00 W2QYT, Yaesu radio PL tone issue has been corrected!
5/30/22 Fulton, Scriba repeater 147.150 (W2OSC) has a PL tone of 103.5
1/10/22 Syracuse, 145.15 KD2SL is off the air.
11/10/21 Auburn  - 145.23 K2RSY repeater temporarily off the air 
9/26/21 Herkimer - FHARA 145.110 Repeater is back up and running!
9/6/21 Syracuse, 147.210; PL 103.5; analog & C4FM modes, is back on the air as of 9/4/2021
7/24/21 Rome, 147.285+ PL 71.9, on the air!
3/2/21 Remsen, 145.33 & 449.925 temporarily off the air (planned returning someday???)
8/21/20 Syracuse, 443.150 K2MST at the MOST is back on the air !
1/10/20 Syracuse, 443.150 K2MST at the MOST is temporarily off the air for maintenance.
1/3/20 Syracuse, 145.27 WW2N is back on the air!
7/16/19 Syracuse, 145.31 Fusion, KC2VER, back on the air! (and link to 146.67)
7/11/19 Auburn; 147.00/145.15 the link to 145.33 Remsen is temporarily off! back soon!
7/6/19 Syracuse, 444.300 off, They are on the air with a temporary DMR frequency of 443.8 / 448.8
5/21/19 Syracuse, 145.31 Fusion, KC2VER, is temporarily off the air! back later summer 2019.
4/3/19 Auburn; 147.00 also has the link to 145.33 Remsen restored (and 145.15)!
3/21/19 Auburn; 147.00 has the link to 145.15 Syracuse restored!
2/21/19 Utica/Rome, 145.21 PL 71.9, N2CNY, CNYARA repeater, Fenner, is temporarily off the air!
2/9/19 Auburn; 147.00 now has Echolink restored, (W2QYT-R), node 9188
1/28/19 Syracuse, 53.67 KD2SL, added AllStar node 47460 and Echolink node 99177 (N2DOW-L) .
11/9/18 Utica/Rome,  146.76, Until further notice, the  UARC K2IQ repeater requires 110.9 PL tone
10/12/18 Syracuse, 146.91, This LARC repeater is no longer supporting Fusion
9/28/18 Syracuse, 444.300, This LARC repeater is now full time DMR
8/19/18 Utica/Rome, 145.21 PL 71.9, CNYARA repeater, moved from Sauquoit to Fenner, is back on the air!
8/18/18 Syracuse, 443.300, W2CM LARC repeater is now full time DMR, link:
3/10/18 Auburn; 147.00 is temporarily not linked to the other group repeaters, upgrades started.
2/21/18 Syracuse, 443.15 (PL 71.9) at the MOST is back on the air! (now Fusion digital and analog capable)
10/19/17 Rome, 146.880 (PL 71.9) Rome Radio club repeater is back on the air! (off 8/3/17) and they have added echolink node # 743610
8/1/17 Newark, 224.900 new PL 110.9, Drumlins Radio Club has brought this back on the air!
7/19/17 Solon, 147.03, PL 71.9, KB2FAF, now linked to CNY VHF system
5/18/17 Syracuse, 146.775 W2CNY repeater will now have the  receive CTCSS tone (151.4 Hz) on
3/15/17  Syracuse - 146.91, W2CM LARC repeater - has gone full-time Fusion digital
2/14/17 Syracuse, KD2SL 146.67 now has Echolink, node #9177
2/5/17 Fulton - 147.39, WN8Z repeater - has gone full-time Fusion digital
1/10/17 Fulton - 444.350 PL 103.5, WN8Z repeater - On the air! (Fusion/analog - auto mode)
12/1/16 Rochester146.79 repeater at Highland Hospital WB2ROC - temp off the air - back soon!
5/22/16 - Syracuse - KD2SL adds new 444.000 repeater w/PL Tone of 103.5 linked to the 146.67

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  1. Have quickly poked around on the site and see no mention of the 146.79 repeater at Highland Hospital in Rochester (WB2ROC). It was linked into the East Coast Reflector, but has been off the air for weeks. Anyone know what its status is and when/if it will be back on the air? Thanks, Phil WA2CLX

    1. Temporarily off the air - should be back soon!

    2. Goes any one know id the 147390 Digital have tone code i hear it but not able to transmit to it I am now to digital George N2ypi 315 697-7351

  2. The repeater will be back on the air in April. Just waiting for the weather to change. ...KA2JFU....member and net manager ...CNYARA

  3. What happened to the 442.400 repeater? I had it in my radio as KD2SL but I remember using it a couple of times. I've been wanting to explore UHF and 220 lately and I noticed it wasn't responding and doesn't appear on repeater book. If anyone knows give me a shout out on my email which is on QRZ. Nate K2NJO. 73!

    1. Oh disregard this! The 444.000+ 103.5 essentially took its place and I get great reception from it around the county on my HT. Haven't tried it IN the city but generally 2 meters is impossible in Syracuse vs 440

  4. 147.225 in Cortland NY was linked to the East Coast Reflector.......what happened?
    I used it all the time from here in Burdett NY. Is there any linked repeaters close enough to me ?

  5. Does anybody know what happened to the Highland Hospital 146.79 repeater in Rochester? It's been quiet for a while, I believe.