Wednesday, June 12, 2013

6 Meter repeaters - confirmed

Presently known working 6M Repeaters

      Town         Call              +/-      PL         Location

53.47     Waterloo   KA2NDW    Minus   82.5   Waterloo/Clyde                                              
53.05     Auburn       W2INH       Minus   71.9       Frozen Ocean
53.63     Bristol         WR2AHL   Minus  110.9      Worden Hill with 145.110 - Bristol Mtn.

53.67     Pompey      KD2SL       Minus  103.5      Sentinel Heights   ***      

53.33     Rochester   N2HJT        Minus   123.0     Henrietta
53.57     Buffalo         W2IVB       Minus      88.5     Colden

In our travels, several of us have been trying to confirm some of our previously listed (Dec. 2012) 6M repeaters both in eastern and western NY with limited success. 

We are always looking for more active 6M repeater confirmations! If you can help us, leave a comment here or e-mail us through my QRZ e-mail address.

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