Sunday, June 16, 2013

New Fulton area repeater

WN8Z has a new repeater operating from Fulton. Signal reports so far indicate this to be another wide coverage repeater for CNY. The repeater output is on 147.390 + and will eventually have a PL of 103.5. Pat (WN8Z) mentioned that he will provide a message on the repeater several weeks before the PL is actually added, but at this time no PL tone is required (note as of 8/2013 the PL is required). The repeater is located near the Oswego County Airport northeast of Fulton.

Full quieting reports have been heard from Homer north to Pulaski and from Waterloo east to Verona on the Thruway. Several people are also getting excellent signal reports on handhelds from over 30 miles away.

Nice job Pat! Thanks for your efforts and support to Upstate NY Radio Amateurs!

 - Also check out the 147.15 mhz Fulton area repeater, (+) offset with 103.5 PL!


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