Monday, May 26, 2014

MOST needs Ham Volunteers!

 The Milton J. Rubenstein Museum of Science and Technology (often referred to as the MOST) is a museum located in the Armory Square neighborhood of Downtown Syracuse, New York. The museum includes multiple exhibits, a gift shop and a domed IMAX movie theatre. It is located in the former Syracuse Armory.

The Most is in need of Volunteers to man the Amateur Radio station. It is open from Wednesday thru Sunday 10AM-5PM. Please have anyone interested contact N2OMK, Bob at: (315) 487-2650 or Andy Slaugh - KB2LUV at:

The Amateur Station consists of a Kenwood TS-870S as the main HF rig, a all mode 2M/70cm, another 2 meter mobile, and an Ten-Tec SDR receiver. We have several computers, a mock up Telegraph system, and many handouts and old rigs for viewing. Antennas consist of a 20/40 meter trap vertical, a 40 (tunes most 40-10) meter Inverted V, and an 80 meter dipole. The 2 meter mobile has a 3 element yagi, and the all mode is on a egg beater. the SDR is on a discone. We have great plans for the future of the station, but we need volunteers to make it happen.

Interested persons MUST be trained on the proper use of the equipment. They can not just come in and operate without being certified as a Volunteer of the MoST.

For more info on the museum and the station, see:

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