Saturday, May 10, 2014

New D-Star repeater - message from KA2NDW

For those of you who have d-star or are thinking of trying d-star. I have added a D-star hot spot access point at my repeater site (near Waterloo, NY). It's on 446.125 simplex and runs about 20 watts. It's normally connected to reflector 20A which is located in NJ and is the northeast gateway. Feel free to try it and if you want to connect to a different reflector you may disconnect from 20A and connect to any one you want.

For those who are not up on d-star or do not have a understanding of it here's a little back ground. You need a digital d-star radio to use it. If you listen to the hotspot on 446.125 all you will hear is data bursts with an analog radio. Digital signals go farther than analog,  which means less power goes farther.

Short of a digital radio you can get on d-star with a dv dongle connected to your computer. If you have a laptop you would be able to use it any where you can get an internet connection. This works by connecting through the internet which makes it so you don't need to be near a d-star repeater or hot spot.

D-star users seem to be growing as well as hots pots and repeaters.

 73 -
Mike  KA2NDW

KA2NDW repeaters:
145.470  -     no pl
 449.075  -    no pl
 53.470   -    82.5
d-star     446.125

 Learn more about D-star:

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