Wednesday, March 25, 2015

147.39 repeater update from WN8Z; Pat

3/25/15 - 147.39 repeater update:

A quick update on the progress of the Yaesu Fusion repeater in Fulton on 147.390. I now have all the components on the bench - DR-1X. Arcom RC-210 controller. ADR external interface, HRI-200 WiresX interface, Echolink interface, laptop pc and a spare duplexer and will be working diligently in the evenings to get everything working correctly. There are a few unpublished quirks concerning the repeater that Yaesu didn't tell us about when first released, and a few typos in what docs they did release. All in all it looks to be a worthwhile and doable project.

The GE Mstr II was taken off the air Wednesday and in it's place is a loaner Kenwood repeater that is putting a signal out on the air during the transition to the DR-1X. I have no timeline when the DR-1X will be placed in service.

A special shout out to Jack, W2QYT, (keeper of the Auburn double O) for the use of his spare "floating" baby repeater allowing me to keep .39 on the air, and to the other repeater guru's who have contributed to the 39 project!

de Wn8z

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