Wednesday, September 2, 2015

LARC has upcoming VE Exams and back to "BootCamp"

The Liverpool Amateur Repeater Club (LARC) will start its 2015/2016 VE test sessions starting on September 24th at the North Syracuse Community Center. Testing starts at 5:30pm. Walk-ins are welcome. All exam elements are offered.

If  you plan to attend please bring two ID’s (one photo), a copy of your license or CSCE if you have one, and a black pen. The cost to take the exam is $15. If you pass you can continue on to the next level at no charge. Any re-takes cost another $15. Calculators are permitted. Cellphone/Smartphone calculator apps are not allowed.

For any VE Testing questions please contact Al May by email at

And don't miss LARC's next "BootCamp" series on Digital modes, September 24th at 6:15pm.

W2CM BootCamp – Sponsored by the Liverpool Amateur Repeater Club this get-together is similar in concept to the “Now That I’ve Got My License, What Do I Do?” course sponsored by the Radio Amateurs of Greater Syracuse a number of years ago. It will cover topics of general interest mainly for new hams, but all are welcome. There is no charge for the course which will be held prior to the monthly LARC meetings starting at 6:15pm. More information on the course can be obtained from K2VGN by contacting him at

Learn more about LARC at:

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