Tuesday, December 1, 2015

First P25 repeater in Rochester!

Hello everyone!

Just wanted to share with my fellow amateurs that I just put Rochester's first P25 system up in town. Located at Highland Hospital 444.35 analog 110.9 pl and P25 NAC 293 . Using Motorola Quantar in mixed mode, and coverage is City wide. I need to install a preamp and additional receiver cavity but Friday proved to be a great outcome. Antenna is DB 420.

So for Christmas don't forget to purchase some XTX portables. The 444.25 at Strong hospital will be the next system to be switched over. Currently working on it and it will be mixed with ALLSTAR, ECHOLINK , and current IRLP.

73 - Mike; W2HYP/ WR2AHL/WR2ROC

..........nice job Mike! 

Thanks for all you do for the amateurs in Upstate NY!


  1. Is this repeater still set up or has it been taken down?

  2. The introduction of the First P25 repeater in Rochester marks a significant leap forward in our communication infrastructure. This cutting-edge technology enhances the efficiency and reliability of public safety communications, ensuring our community's safety is prioritized. The repeater's P25 capabilities bring about crystal-clear audio quality and seamless interoperability among various emergency services, fostering a more coordinated and effective response during critical situations. This innovative addition not only elevates the standards of our local communication systems but also demonstrates our commitment to staying ahead in the realm of public safety. Kudos to Rochester for embracing state-of-the-art solutions that contribute to a safer and more connected community!

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