Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The Radio Wave Net

Message from K2FX:

The Radio Wave Net will be held on Sunday Evenings at 8:30PM on the 146.655 repeater system located in S. Bristol, NY.  It will commence immediately following the conclusion of the ROC City Net that’s held on the 145.11 repeater. We’ll just shuffle everyone over to the other frequency for the net.  The NET will be held weekly!

Please also pass the word that there is a FB Page for the Net.  Just do a search on The Radio Wave Net, and you’ll find it.  I look forward to hearing people from Central New York join us!! The next net will be held this coming Sunday, December 20th.


Paul Jason Kolacki-K2FX

The Radio Wave Net was created for the purpose of discussing topics relating to Conspiracy Theories, UFO's, ET's, and Scientific Studies through Ham Radio.

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