Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Black Fly Challenge in the Adirondacks - looking for volunteers

The Black Fly Challenge is a 40-mile destination (one-way) gravel grinder bicycle race that attracts both serious racers and recreational riders on cyclocross and mountain bikes. It also attracts some serious adventurists, riding unicyles and 3-seat bikes. Over half the BFC race course includes gravel roads through the wild & scenic Moose River Recreation Area between Inlet and Indian Lake with some pavement and/or singletrack at either end. It is a difficult area for communications, as much of the route has no Cellphone coverage, no public safety and no services.

So we are looking for Amateur radio operators willing to participate on Saturday, June 11th. The race starts from Inlet NY this year. We have lots of locations with as much or as little challenge as you desire. We will primarily be operating high power mobiles to repeaters on Blue, Gore and McCauley Mountains, though some HF NVIS and simplex 2M communications may be utilized.

The event is going into its 21st year and attracts between 800-1000 racers to the beautiful Adirondack Mountains. There are 6 or 7 water stations along the route but it’s a long race with plenty of elevation changes and beautiful mountain terrain. There are no mechanical support crews on the course. Everyone that enters is expected to be able to finish under their own power but there is a Sweeper Crew with a truck & trailer that follows the race to pick up bikes & riders that can’t finish. Ham radio operators will again be stationed throughout the course. We have lots of locations with as much or as little challenge as you desire.

I have personally participated the last two years and would be glad to answer any general questions about the experience you will have as a Ham radio volunteer. I have had a lot of fun , met great people and enjoyed a challenging day! Please email me at

If you are interested in participating or have detailed questions about participation, please contact the Communications Chair for the BFC; Dennis Hudson, N2LBT,  email :

More BFC race info at:

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  1. Good article & event. Since it is called the black fly challenge, maybe you could comment on how you guys "beat the bugs"? Is it even a factor?