Sunday, March 13, 2016

Update on the Rochester Hamfest - May 28th

 -Hello all and welcome to this edition of Prez Sez (from the RARA March 2016 Newsletter).

 It’s exciting times at RARA with the official announcement of the 2016 Rochester Hamfest. This year’s hamfest will be on Saturday May 28th at Kodak Park, with some great opportunities! We will have both indoor and outdoor facilities, all of the outdoor facilities being paved, so no worries about getting stuck in the mud even if it rains. Our Hamfest team has been doing a great job putting together logistics and working on some great raffle prizes for all those who attend. I’m looking forward to making a great weekend out of it, with Saturday being our hamfest, and Sunday and Monday being some great Memorial Day events around town. Whether you are from Rochester or visiting from another town, there’s sure to be a bunch of things to do with your family on this fun filled weekend. Also, if you’re from out of town, don’t worry, we’ve negotiated some great rates with an area hotel for you to stay in! Keep an eye on the RAG, our website, and our Facebook page for more information. I’d like to take time again to thank all of those members who serve as volunteers for the club. From our board, to our coordinators, hamfest volunteers, VE teams, public service volunteers, and all sort of other people, thank you for all you do for our club and our hobby. With your help, we’ve been able to organize the hamfest, resume VE testing, and put on a great winter “picnic” for all to enjoy. It’s easy for people to complain when things don’t go completely to plan, and to overlook your contributions when they do; I urge our membership to take time to remember that this club exists due to the continued selfless actions of about a tenth of the club who donate their time and money with no compensation beyond the occasional membership points.


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Note from - folks this is a great event and the RARA group is working very hard to make this a major success at a new location. So save the date and plan to attend one of Upstate NY's best Hamfests!

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