Wednesday, November 23, 2016

We like weather!

New York State Weather Mesonets go on the air!

 As Ham's, many of us like to keep tabs on the weather in our area. A new statewide weather-station network will help us do that. Announced back in early 2015, the New York State Mesonet network will constitute 125 weather stations when completed, averaging about two stations per county. As of October 2016 there are already over 100 stations on line. The stations collect 3-D, high-resolution data from both surface and atmospheric levels and send that data to emergency-management officials and weather forecasters so they will have an edge on the unexpected. Each site also contains a high-resolution video camera for a live look at the weather.

The sites report changes in weather every five minutes, with the potential to observe and record changes in air, soil moisture, wind and ice. The new stations also monitor radiation patterns.
These observations are then sent to SUNY Albany, the National Weather Service and the state Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services. Then, the observations are disseminated to the public on the Mesonet’s website, The FEMA-funded Mesonet project was awarded in the wake of recent national disasters, including Superstorm Sandy.

Check out some of the sites near you (just click a site close to you on the map)

Thew complete story of the NYS Mesonet project:

Other weather sites: adding to this list - stay tuned!

SkyWarn info:

Community Collaborative Rain, Hail and Snow Network (CoCoRaHS) 
 - be a weather reporter from your own home or just see the data from thousands of others around North America. (contact KC2VER; Tony if you want first hand details - he has been reporting for over 7 years)

We will try to add some other interesting weather sites soon: stay tuned!

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