Monday, November 7, 2016

Western NY Indoor Hamfest - December 3rd, 2016

Ham O Rama sponsored by the R.W. Antenna Store

  R.W. Antenna store has decided to bring back a INDOOR Winter HamFest to the Western NY area.  As some of you know, we at R.W. Antenna store have been trying to revive an old Ham Radio Tradition of a larger scale HamFest here in Western NY. Hopefully some of you OM's and YL's remember Ham O Rama!!
  This HamFest was put together in a very short time. We saw the need for an end of year event and are working hard to deliver.  We will have a huge announcement of a much larger HamFest being created for the 2017 season.
   The ultimate goal is to bring the ham community together, I would love to see clubs from up to 300 miles away attend as we have BIG NEWS for a future HamFest the Western New York area has been starving for.

Hope to see you there!!!

More details here as they become available!

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