Thursday, June 8, 2017

Salt City DX Assoc. - Field Day at Onondaga Lake Park

The Salt City DX Association is doing Field Day again this year at Onondaga Lake Park.  2A class, with a GOTA station W2AXR.  The dates are Saturday 6/24 from 2PM to Sunday 6/25 at 2PM.

We will have our normal HF stations, 2 X TS590s, 3 element tribander and dipoles.  Last year we came in 11th in the 2A category with 2200 QSOs.

I am happy to announce that this year we will make a big VHF effort!!!  We would love to contact as many local VHF guys as possible.

more info at:

Our planned activity:

We will be on 2 meters with a 14 element Yagi and 150 watts, calling CQ on 144.200 SSB ( with a voice keyer so we don’t lose our voice).  We can also make FM contacts on 2 mtrs.

We will be on for all of the satellite passes, the XW2 birds look good.

We will be on 6 meters calling CQ on 50.125 - 3 element beam and 100 watts

We also have 432 mhz – if anyone wants to try.  5 elements and 50 watts.

And- we are also going to try EME !  We can phase two 14 element Yagis together and run 150 watts. It will be tough to make a QSO, but if some of the big gun European EME guys are on, it should be possible.  I have a lot of EME experience, so we are hopeful !

Thanks !

John K2ZJ

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