Thursday, August 3, 2017


from August RARA Rag; by David Timmons, W2DST

Once again the Rochester Amateur Radio Association (RARA) will operate station K2R from the grounds of the Charlotte Genesee Lighthouse (Lake Ave. near Latta Rd.) for the 2017 International Lighthouse Lightship Weekend.

This annual Amateur Radio weekend event was founded in 1995 by 2 members of the AYR Amateur Radio Group, AARG, Scotland and held on the 3rd full weekend in August. This is not a contest, it is simply a fun event for all experience levels to highlight lighthouses and lightships around the world. It is also a great way to promote amateur radio to the public. This year’s 48 hour event starts at 0001 UTC on Aug. 19. We will be generally operating during the hours the lighthouse is open, 1 - 5PM local time on August 19 & 20. Operating time will be extended depending on how many volunteer operators can join us. Go to for event details and a list of registered lighthouse stations. If you would like to join us, stop down. Contact Dave Timmons, W2DST, if you would like to help. W2DST@ARRL.NET

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