Wednesday, September 27, 2017

NY QSO Party – October 21st, 2017

NY QSO Party – Get Ready for October 21!

by NYQP Team (from the 10/2017 RARA RAG newsletter)
It's all about NY on October 21, 2017 as radio amateurs from around the world get on the air to work all 62 NY counties, Chautauqua to Clinton, Niagara to Suffolk. A dozen or more mobile operators will take to the mean streets of NYC or the bucolic surrounds of the Southern Tier and North Country. Brave souls will sneak out to the woodlands to activate a rare county, Field Day style, as temps may dip into the 30's. And good, solid Elmers will open up their shacks to new hams and build excitement as the spotlight is on US!

The NYQP game is easy to play as all operating modes and bands are eligible. The QSO exchange is simple for NY operators: signal report and county. For those eager out-of-state ops wanting to work all 62 counties, they'll send a signal report and their state, province or DX.

There's a category for all operating styles from single-operator-QRP to multi-operatorhigh-power-mobile!

Serious “furniture” for the discerning ham's shack! The state-wide
NYQP Plaque Sponsorship Team and the Rochester DX Association really step up to
the plate each year to make all the effort worthwhile.

Please start thinking about your NYQP operations. Mobile or Fixed, SSB, CW or digital, the important thing is to get on the air with friends and make some “noise” and help promote amateur radio spirit in NY. Please consider using this event to introduce new hams into the mix. Elmering has always been an important aspect of our hobby and NYQP is a perfect vehicle from which to teach operating concepts and station engineering. Make a new antenna, try a new digital mode, operate
a vintage rig, have fun!

There is a page at the NYQP website ( that we've created to announce activity across the state. It's called “2017 Planned Activation” and it's easy to list your plans online to alert others of your activity in that rare or not-so-rare QTH. It helps all of us make informed choices on how to operate to maximize fun. The event's rules are also listed at the site.

In 2016 we had 261 logs with 117 from New York,122 stateside, 12 from Canada, 4 DX and 6 check logs. Club scoring was competitive with the Hudson Valley Contesters Club taking the top prize with 736,276 cumulative points, 6,449 QSOs and 18 logs for NYS. The North Coast Contesters Club taking the US/VE Club title with 203,479 points, 1,649 QSOs and with only 3 logs. Congratulations! Let's set some new records in 2017!

Need any assistance or have any questions? Wondering which are the rare counties? Have a question about logging software?

The NYQP Team is at the ready...send us a note any time at or check out the great NYQP website ( for all the details. We'll help you get on the air on October 21!

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  1. Seems like I missed it! I was actually in a venue New York, attending another engagement I had. I was interested in knowing if something like this is going to happen again, and if yes, can you please keep me updated?