Wednesday, October 25, 2017

RaRa Annual Auction

RaRa Annual Auction
(from the RARA Rag newsletter - Nov 2017)

Tim Guyot, KB1POP—RaRa Vice President

One of our most popular events, the annual RaRa Auction, is only a few days away on Wednesday November 1st. Each year I'm impressed by the variety of items, from a small box of toggle switches to contest-ready HF rigs, and everything remotely ham radio-related in between. Of course, I never go home empty-handed, and you shouldn't either.

Our entire meeting time will be dedicated to the auction; in fact, we'll be opening the doors early at 6:15 to let sellers bring in the treasures they're hoping to go home without. At 6:45 members not selling can begin perusing the items to see them up close before they hit the auction block starting around 7pm.

Speaking of the auction block, I'm excited to announce that our celebrity auctioneers Dick Goslee, KG2I and Ed Gable, K2MP will be back at it again using their incredible knowledge and a strong dose of humor to help sellers get top-dollar for their items. Whether it's a home-brew rig with no labels that they can fully explain after just a brief glance, or those "one-of-a-kind", "You'll never see another one like it" regen receivers that keep showing up each year, they've got it covered.

The auction is a members-only event (Members may bring one guest), so please renew your membership online if you haven't already. Our membership secretary, Tim Barrett, K9VB will be at the entrance checking membership, and helping members renew if they were unable to do so in advance.

Please join us and bring anything you have that's radio related that you don't need right now. It should be labeled with three important pieces of information: -Your name & call -A description (is it working?) -Your desired starting price Join in the fun! Even if you have nothing to sell, we can always use more bidders!

The entertainment, the ad-hoc education, and the comradery make it a great way to spend an evening.
Procedural notes:
Sellers: Please bring a piece of cardboard to put under any item that could scratch the tables. Also, please note that the club will benefit by keeping 10% of the final sale price.
Buyers: Be aware that we can only accept cash.

Please join us on Wednesday November 1, 2017 at 7:00 PM in the Boy Scouts Building, 2320 Brighton–Henrietta Town Line Road, Brighton, NY 14623.


  1. Such a great idea to earn money with that much effort. But the only concerning part of this is which products are counted as radio related?