Wednesday, February 7, 2018

220 mhz Friday night NET expanding across the state

The KD2SL 224.120 Repeater in Syracuse that hosts the Friday night 220Mhz Net at 7pm, will be adding in two more Upstate NY repeaters this week. The W2ACC; 224.260 in Stanley NY (just west of Geneva) and the KA2NDW; 224.470 in Clyde NY will be linked in starting this Friday. This should allow folks in the Rochester area and Finger Lakes to join in with the folks in Syracuse and Utica. 

This is a general net, open to various discussion topics, but the main intent is to promote use of the 220 mhz band. So come join our net control host; Bob; KD2KKG on this growing Friday night net! 

These three repeaters will also be linked at various other times and possibly on a semi-permanent basis in the future (stay tuned!).There is also the potential to add in other 220 MHz repeaters across the state in the future for this Friday evening net(through ALLSTAR linking). A big Thank you! to Kevin; KD2SL, Dave; W2ACC and Mike; KA2NDW our repeater trustees for adding this great linking capability to their repeaters and hosting this net!

Repeater details:
224.120 (-) PL = 103.5, Syracuse (Sentinel Heights) KD2SL
224.260 (-) PL = 110.9, Stanley (Finger Lakes), W2ACC
224.470 (-) PL = 82.5, Clyde, KA2NDW

Other Upstate NY 220 Mhz repeater info:

- Also added echolink capability through N2DOW-R, Echolink node # 324784, Kirkville, NY

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  1. Hi this is Ken/kc1pfs in Massachusetts. How do I check in on 222 MHz, I'm currently using the Woburn 449.82500 machine.